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CredForce continuously monitors newly emerging professions in the technology space that requires credentialing support. We assist credentialing bodies in our fold – and those outside too – in developing, testing and commissioning matching standards, qualifications and credentialing mechanisms needed to certify individuals for these new professions.

With a demand for around 60,000 qualified professionals over the next three years, Cloud and Mobile computing spaces have thrown up some of the most lucrative new professions for technology geeks. CredForce is getting ready to launch a smart bunch of credentials for cloud and mobile computing professionals. These credentials are founded on the standards and frameworks of the Software Qualifications Board of America (SQBA). Shortly, special programs for universities and institutions will be launched to help universities, technology schools and other institutions get their graduating students certified in these hot tech professions affordably and improve their employability scores. Similarly, we are bringing on special SQBA® programs for companies requiring solutions to get their employees and new recruits certified for cloud and mobile technologies and applications.

The Impact CredForce Aims at Making

Like Big Data, cloud and mobile technologies have converged, perhaps our civilization's most phenomenal collective achievement, with contributions pooled in by a number of experts and professionals and scientists cutting across geographies, politics, languages and disciplines. Every year, almost thousands of cloud and mobile computing professionals are required to help organizations manage the exploding demand for new technologies, applications, solutions and services emanating from newer points almost every passing day. CredForce is all set to introduce cross-platform certifications for almost all professions emerging from these new technology spaces. The certifications, belonging to the CredForce-managed Software Qualifications Board of America (SQBA), are expected to cover 70+ countries by 2016-end, impacting the careers of at least 20,000 young and experienced professionals.

Make Tech Fly Your Career

Get set now. Become a cloud computing whiz. Develop million dollar products. Write groundbreaking software. Get certified by one of the tech credentialing and standards bodies on the CredForce consortium. You’ll see your career grow those big strong wings and fly.

To know more about how CredForce can assist you with its world-class certification solutions in Cloud computing, or to share how you feel that our certifications should be making a difference to tech careers, please write to us at

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