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Getting marketing and sales to work today takes an even more robust understanding of the classical science of business, strategy and marketing on the one hand, and exposure to the latest techniques of making and executing smart marketing decisions, on the other. CredRadar studies over the last few years confirm that a vast majority of successful marketing professionals feel the mild, generic exposure to marketing during MBA can never replace the more potent, specialized, focused and dedicated exposure to marketing that a global certification program assures. CredForce now offers a slew of powerful international credentials for aspiring and on–the–move marketing professionals around the world.

Built on the latest global standards–framework for marketing knowledge, these certifications embed smoothly in business school curricula, and have been designed to serve as the most ideal top–up qualifications for business and marketing students – convenient and affordable to earn. Like in other verticals, universities and institutions can take advantage of special CredForce schemes for these marketing certifications programs and get their graduating students certified affordably and improve their employability scores for global marketing careers. All content, training and exam preparation material is provided by CredForce, and examinations are conducted on the testing platform of ExamStrong™, the world's largest and the technologically most advanced exam-delivery ecosystem.

If you haven't seen or heard of the Coke “Share a Coke” campaign, you–ve probably been under some coral reef for real long.

Because the campaign almost shoved Coke onto being a top cocktail base everywhere! Of course, jigs and jingles and all the sport in the campaign engaged audiences big time. All it took was adding 150 most popular Australian names on the Coke bottle labels. A sweet hell broke loose and went viral. Sending Coke back again to being the top of the talk of the town that the world has become!

If you too want your marketing skills take a leap and design similar clutter–busting strategies, come, earn one of the world's best–of–breed marketing credentials. That's the surest way to align your knowledge with global gold standards in marketing and prove you're worthy of busting clutters!

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