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Seriously, credentialing has got wings. Nothing makes better sense for a business or an entrepreneur than starting off in an industry that's on the upswing, and will keep growing for the next half a century more! Here's a chance for your consulting or training company to enter certification space by partnering CredForce – the pioneer of the credentialing industry globally. An explosive portfolio of best–selling international certification products for high–demand markets and segments awaits to get your business going.

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CredForce has expanded to become a global credentialing powerhouse on the strength of its network. And to penetrate deeper into the markets we're in, we now need strong, networked organizations to partner us. We invite you to become a proud CredForce partner for your geography.

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Opportunities for Partnership

The new CredForce international Partnering program spells out partnering possibilities in the following areas:

CredForce Business Partners

CredForce has expanded to become a global credentialing powerhouse on the strength of its network. And to penetrate deeper into the markets we're in, and grow and consolidate in them, we now need strong, networked organizations to partner us. We invite you to become a proud CredForce Business License holder for your geography.

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Indeed, as a Business License holder, you'll be mastering the CredForce business in your country/region by shepherding, navigating and protecting the CredForce brand as the world's only Credentialing Business Conglomerate in your geography. It means building bridges with local industries, institutions, standards bodies, professional associations, universities, industry chambers and special interest groups and conduct sharp advocacy campaigns and programs designed to promote and develop a consciousness for excellence, standards and certifications. You'll also get to stock and distribute certification kits and vouchers and you'll create and manage the local channel for marketing our best–selling certification products, credentialing packages and other capability–recognition services. You'll help us build a partner network of CredForce–managed credentialing organizations.

In a nutshell, you'll be an integral CredForce component, working in tandem with us to grow and consolidate our conglomerate. At returns, that will exceed expectations, and will only grow with time.

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You can choose between two bright options: The Regional Business License, which authorizes you to handle more than one country in your region and the Country Business License, which empowers you to manage CredForce's business in your country.

You'll be mandated to appoint your own channel partners down the line to ensure the optimal coverage of your markets. Further, you will be a signatory to all business contracts signed in your territories.

Above all, you will effectively head CredForce in your geography. If this excites you enough, do write to us at

Your Chance

Training-Provider Partnership Program

CredForce is rapidly expanding its capacities to offer cutting–edge workforce and talent transformation solutions to governments and organizations, as wells as pre–certification training to professionals on a wide spectrum of international skills and training standards in Big Data, BPO, cloud technologies; mobile computing, talent management, investment banking, valuation and private equity, among many others.

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We welcome partnering interests from organizations currently into training, or intending to invest in establishing a sound training business. Notably, we enjoy exclusive worldwide mandate from global certification giants on the CredForce Consortium to offer training and capacity–building solutions to governments, organizations and institutions on their behalf. We are managing their Training Provider Partner network as well across the world. The Training partners will be licensed to advocate, offer and operate certification–linked training programs in their respective verticals of training expertise. These partner training providers are authorized to establish their own academies and co–brand them with certification bodies, or do both, as relevant.

On behalf of consortium certification bodies, we also grant licenses to universities for establishing specialist training academies and centers of excellence to help in making students employable for high talent–demand verticals like BPO, Big Data, software, mobile computing and investment banking. For instance, International Centers for Outsourcing & Software Studies (ICOSS®) and ICT Centers are permitted to offer a range of BCI and SQBA certifications in IT and BPO areas. Further, companies desiring to upgrade their T&D departments and improve talent transformation standards establish Talent Development Centers/ Corporate Learning Academies aligned to the standards of our consortium credentialing bodies through our assistance. If you are interested in partnering us for running training programs for our consortium credentialing bodies, please do write to us at

Enterprise Business Partnership Program

Enterprise Business Partnership Program

CredForce offers a range of certification programs for enterprises. We appoint experienced management consulting companies as Enterprise Business Partners for handling target–based advocacy, marketing and sales of the enterprise certification products we have in areas like service quality, talent management, healthcare and teaching quality. These partners conduct audits and offer clients complete assistance and interventions for systems improvement to ensure compliance to prescribed standards.

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Organizations offering management or process consulting services or those implementing quality systems in ICT, BPO, or ITES organizations are welcome to apply for becoming Enterprise Business Partners for CredForce. For more information on partnering us, please write to us at

The Certification System Distributor Program

The Certification System Distributor Program

We manage the Certification System Distributor (CSD) program for our consortium member certification bodies. It has been introduced to facilitate the creation of specialist organizations who stock certification training kits (books and learning material) and attendant test vouchers – together called Certification System Units (CCUs) – of CredForce consortium members, and remain directly connected to their respective markets, constantly syncing voucher prices with market forces.

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In geographies where member credentialing organizations have active CSD partners, all sales of Certification Products happen through these partners – including large orders by governments and the World Bank. Specialist CredForce shared services groups handle the logistics of sales, shipment and warehousing on behalf of CSD partners in many locations, or as and when required.

The CSD partnering program is open for all forms and types of entrepreneurs and businesses, who intend to deal with global organizations, capacity building and happening areas like BPO, IT and talent management, but yet do not want to involve in training or assessments or quality audits directly. The program is akin to a typical distribution/ dealer program of a consumer products organization in which, the distributor plays the intermediary between the company and its customers and earns from the volumes of sales to the company's clients and customers. Our Certification System Distribution Program offers partners the opportunity to deal with the world's leading credentialing brands across industries. The global renown of our member organizations in credentialing and their premium certification products help CSD partners add to the profile of their business and portfolio, making them more attractive. For more information, please do write to us at

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talent and business savvy, and that the magic comes
through partnership between both.
– Delphine Arnault

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