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This is the CredForce busiest horizontal – and also the very first of its kind in the world – working as a business services provider to international certification, credentialing, accreditation and excellence recognition bodies. The Credentialing Services Group handles their mission–critical functions and processes including marketing, sales, partner–management, content distribution, physical logistics, customer relationship, examinations, audits, billing, invoicing, research and also management of stakeholder relationships.

Certification Business Services unit manages frontoffice and backoffice operations of the CredForce consortium bodies. We handle all the activities required for helping these certification bodies develop, install, and commission customized credentialing apparatuses for governments and organizations for certifying their individuals for jobs in various industries; as well for certifying business competence and systems quality of companies operating in particular industries. We manage on behalf of these organizations the entire set of processes starting from logistics of registration for certifications; training–kits; examinations; audits; and closing the end with shipping of credentialing packs/ certifications.

More specifically, we provide support in all research, design, development, and execution activities that mark the typical value chain of credentialing. Specialist departments in our globally distributed shared services centers develop certifications; revise standards; manage assessments; appoint partners; design processes; conduct validations; and manage the enterprise–wide technology apparatus for the four member institutes.

At another level, activities related to advocacy; marketing; content development; partner management; and client/ customer support are also handled by specialized teams in our India center. We conduct global events and seminars for group companies including master trainer workshops; pre–certification master class; and a wide variety of other special–purpose workshops.

We are mandated to sign contracts with clients; partners and associates across the world; conduct audits; and advise them on behalf of the group credentialing bodies, and their global associates and clients.

Empowering Higher Education

CredForce teams and universities in many countries work together on enriching academic curricula with employability-relevant knowledge-courses.

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