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Spread across 178 countries, CredForce is emerging as the world's single largest unified platform for professionals internationally to obtain the finest of international qualifications and certifications. By 2020, the CredForce online credentialing platform – the CredPlanet will reach out to over 10 million professionals across 7000 global locations. Powered by alliances with leaders like Pearson, our portfolio of certifications covers almost the entire spectrum of all modern professions and job–verticals, and includes more than two dozen best–selling professional qualifications from international credentialing leaders onboard the CredForce consortium – like

CredForce is also on its way to becoming the planet's biggest, one–stop certification solutions–provider for enterprise–level excellence across verticals. We are exclusive global providers of enterprise standards and credentials of leading international credentialing bodies onboard the CredForce consortium.

Currently, CredForce facilitates enterprise certifications of BPO Certification Institute (BCI); Talent Management Institute (TMI); United States Teaching Standards Board (USTSB), Global Service Quality Institute (GSQI) and the American Board of Healthcare Standards (ABHS).

Building Exciting Careers

CredForce is Helming the first worldwide revolution to establish exciting new professions. Even as those existing get further emboldened through our credentials.

The Difference we are Making

At CredForce, we are foremost in getting new professions spread and established fast across the world, even as we keep enriching hundreds of the older ones. We impact the lives of educated youth looking for white–collar jobs. We add to the employability of graduating students preparing to start their careers. We equip professionals moving to other fields with specialized qualifications. The global online credentialing platform of CredForce today reaches out to even the remotest corners of the world, especially in those African and Asian countries that are living on the cusp of development and busy building their industrial workforce.

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