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CredForce is also on its way to becoming the planet's biggest, one–stop certification solutions–provider for enterprise–level excellence across verticals. We are exclusive global providers of enterprise standards and credentials of leading international credentialing bodies onboard the CredForce consortium.

Currently, CredForce facilitates enterprise certifications of BPO Certification Institute (BCI); Talent Management Institute (TMI); United States Teaching Standards Board (USTSB), Global Service Quality Institute (GSQI) and the American Board of Healthcare Standards (ABHS).

We have the world's first and the only integrated digital platform for executing certification projects in client–organizations – the Credplanet. We hold exclusive–use licenses for some of the world's best–known standards for mission–critical business components like service–delivery systems and talent management systems, making our portfolio the richest one can find anywhere – with certifications for

  • tech start–ups
  • retailers
  • hotels
  • schools
  • universities
  • healthcare outfits
  • traders
  • BPO providers
  • call centers
  • community–services organizations

The CredForce platform has served to reduce certification project costs for clients drastically and also shortened the cycle times.

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