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Large transnational companies with geographically diversified business units and multicultural workforce, as well as governments and industry associations and bodies often need to have their own standards, benchmarks, certification-frameworks etc., to achieve highest levels of organizational and professional performance and efficiencies. Organizations and individuals certified on international standards have proven to command a much higher probability of success, and that's the reason all industries, government departments and large developmental organizations usually prefer to have their own, captive certification/ credentialing ecosystem.

Our Systems Design Group custom–designs, develops, installs and commissions these captive–use standards, systems and mechanisms of certification, accreditation and credentialing for governments and corporations. In addition, we also make solutions available from BCI; TMI; DASCA; IBCA; USPEC; GSQI; SQBA; GDMI; USTSB; ABHS; and The Strategy Institute for co–branded/co–signed credentialing requirements of governments, transnational business and non–business enterprises. Governments and multilateral aid agencies can leverage the Nationwide Credentialing for Enterprises (NCE) program of CredForce, for helping nations establish their own quality assurance and certification systems for companies.

Nationwide Credentialing for Enterprises (NCE)

CredForce executes the globally tried and tested credentials of BPO Certification Institute (BCI) , Global Service Quality Institute (GSQI), United States Teaching Standards Board (USTSB), Talent Management Institute (TMI), and The American Board of Healthcare Standards (ABHS). These standards and certifications can be co–branded for client nations. For other industries/verticals, CredForce leverages its generic credentialing expertise to develop customized standards for nations, which they can deploy to regulate productivity and quality of its enterprises in that industry. Increasingly, it is being felt that having industry–specific certification systems and standards is critical for nations because most industries have evolved over the years beyond the conventional business models, and following generic standards does not any longer yield competitive advantage to companies.

Our NCE program addresses the urgent need for nations to adopt more rigorous enterprise excellence standards. These services become even more special because of the fact that we cover almost all verticals and industries imaginable – from BPO–ITES to Telecom and Information Technology; from construction and infrastructure to manufacturing & logistics and from retail, hospitality and travel to healthcare, banking and insurance.

The key deliverables in the NCE program include:

  • Systems credentialing framework
  • Systems quality grids
  • Systems improvement programs & manuals
  • Audit & credentialing mechanisms
  • Auditor development & certification mechanisms
  • Implementation strategy guide

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