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What is Credentialing?

Credentialing is the process of establishing the qualification and legitimacy of a given person, system or institution. We start with establishing standards as a base for certifications which are made for processes, practices or skills. Next, we architect systems, policies, protocols and processes for audits and assessments against these standards. Finally, we design certification products around the standards to serve as qualifications or credentials for those individuals who successfully pass the certification’s assessments or enterprises that abide by our global standards. 

  • Why Credentialing?

    Certified or credentialed organizations and professionals establish credible assurance that they can be trusted in their industry, field or skill. Credentialing, certifications and their standards have become vital for the growth of economies, business and careers in the 21st century

  • What credentials and standards should you choose?

    Choose only the internationally recognized certifications, standards, or accreditation of 3rd party credentialing bodies. These are the most credible and respected as 3rd-party certification bodies are independent of other vested interests, usually platform and vendor agnostic, and their certification processes are believed to be beyond the influence of industry players and business.