Our Capabilities

Our core capabilities lie in designing, developing and delivering high-impact services and solutions on standards development, credentialing, workforce-breeding, talent transformation and professional excellence recognition for virtually all important verticals and professions today.

We've set up our indegenous, digitally integrated supply chain of specialist credentialing knowledge and high-end management services to serve leading global certifiers, accreditors, rating agencies, educators and standards bodies. While our capabilities and expertise sweep across the entire value chain of the credentialing industry, we have also created The Consortium - the world's largest platform for international giants in credentialing, certification, accreditation, ranking and rating to join for expanding their global impact and reach.

The Consortium platform composed of prestigious, niche-leading international bodies has also turned us into a top global choice for solutions on just about any credentialing need of professionals, businesses, governments and community organizations offering 40+ of the world’s best certifications and standards.

We take pride in the fact that our worldwide partner and expert network, today, impacts industry development and competitiveness policies and strategies of several nations and corporations.

Indeed, the exclusive business mandate of the certification bodies we manage has made CredForce the world’s single largest, single-point provider of the largest number of international certifications for professionals and organizations, cutting across verticals and functions. At present, we are working with several governments and multilateral aid bodies on some mission-critical projects related to employability development, workforce breeding, business improvement and industry growth. While working on these projects, we are following the standards and frameworks owned by the credentialing organizations we manage.