Our Business

CredForce is the world’s number one provider of cutting-edge solutions and services to global standards organizations and leading educators offering credentialing, certification accreditation and education services. We help the international credentialing industry expand faster and function at its optimum through:

  1. Re-engineering/ custom-development of captive captive credentialing and accreditation systems
  2. End-to-end value chain management by supplying them solutions on knowledge, content, marketing, network-development, advocacy, assessment, audits, logistics and project management expertise
  3. New certification products development

We also incubate certification and accreditation outfits in rapidly emerging functional and industrial niches where there is a rising need for certifications and standardization. We offer the single-largest collection of international certifications for professionals and enterprises around the world cutting across industry verticals - from 8 niche-leading certification bodies present on our rapidly growing Consortium - the CredForce worldwide platform for global standards, accreditation and certification bodies.