Our Impact

The spread and impact of many of the accreditation, certification, capability recognition and similar credentialing bodies across the world has been considerably hamstrung by weak supply chains, woven on an even more inchoate, confused - almost non-existent - value chain.

Armed with the most robust and digitally powered mechanisms, systems, knowledge and a global network, CredForce has significantly enhanced abilities of the global credentialing industry, and reduced its costs of accessing new markets, building standards, developing intellectual talent, conducting research & development, and preparing assessments and content, among others,

CredForce is the world’s first-ever effort to define the value chain of the global credentialing industry. We have built, what is perhaps the world’s single largest, transnational business services delivery system fed by a globally spread out supply chain of specialist knowledge and advanced management expertise. The powerfully networked and intellectually rich CredForce global ecosystem fuels the global spread of certification and accreditation bodies, and has expanded its capacities for handling large volume of complex credentialing activities and processes that need to be ethically managed with utmost objectivity.