Leading with Global Leaders

At CredForce, we have an ever-expanding list of stakeholders including, business services clients, governments, higher-education institutions, global credentialing bodies, multilateral aid organizations, our partners and professionals all around the world.

Working with Global Experts

CredForceOur expertise across the credentialing value chain is derived from the best-in-class expertise of our partners. We deliver world class solutions thanks to our network of the best companies and professionals in training, assessment, audit, learning and publishing.

The CredForce-Wharton Collaboration

One of our strongest competencies lies in our ability to create collaborations with the best organizations in the world, allowing us to take the certifications, standards and education offerings of our client organizations and consortium members to new heights. A prime example of this is the high-impact partnership we coordinated between the Talent Management Institute and The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

Wharton Tmi Logo

Talent Management has the power to impact the success of today’s business and non-business organizations dramatically. We realized both The Wharton School and TMI are global leaders in their respective fields, making a deadly combination.

That’s exactly how CredForce came about architecting what are now the world’s most powerful Talent Management programs for HR leaders – the TMI-Wharton Associate Fellow and the TMI-Wharton Global Fellow programs. We brought Wharton and TMI together to make these programs possible. CredForce teams have worked with experts of the two institutions to create these programs from the ground up. We are also the exclusive global managers and marketers of these programs under mandate from TMI and Wharton. You can learn about these programs and register here.

Empowering Socio-Economic Development

CredForceWe work with a host of academic experts, special interest groups, supra-national and multilateral aid organizations and charitable foundations on projects related to skill development, employability enhancement and entrepreneurship.

Expanding Business Excellence

CredForceWe also work with a host of industry chambers and international professional associations to lend our credentialing expertise to help advocate and promote professional development through adherence to international standards and credentialing.

Making Governments Deliver Change

CredForceCredForce is the world leader in large-scale workforce development. We work with governments directly and through collaborators on standards development, employability enhancement, internal certification development and industry growth.

Working with Global Credentialing Giants

CredForceSome of the world’s most respected certification, credentialing and accreditation bodies are exclusive CredForce clients, forming a rare platform we call The Consortium. We offer them end-to-end supply chain services as well as sales, innovation, delivery and service of their products internationally.These credentialing giants are leaders in their respective niches such as big data, HR & talent management, blockchain and business process outsourcing (BPO). Several other credentialing bodies are in the process of joining our elite clientele as well. We are expanding The Consortium to broader areas like blockchain, business strategy, healthcare, investment banking, service quality, teaching quality, and private equity valuation, keeping us at the leading-edge for anything credentialing.