The CredFolks

Our multicultural employee-base is our pride, and the CredFolks - as we affectionately call them – are the chief builders of the global force that we have become in credentialing. An exciting, eclectic mix of millennials, baby-boomers and Gen-Xers, CredFolks form a global family of staffers, managers, consultants and subject-matter-experts working at multiple locations around the world. They come from the very best of institutions of technology, business and humanities and almost 100% of them boast of a Master's degree with a work-history of four years on the average. The mean experience of CredForce managers and heads of functions exceeds 15 years in marquee organizations. A melting pot of more than a dozen cultures, CredForce thinks and converses in the language of excellence - the real mother tongue of business across the globe.

The Environs

CredForce offices, facilities and campuses around the world are cheerfully appointed on global standards to promote innovation, leadership, customer excellence and teamwork across timezones and cultures.

The CredForce workplaces deliver services and solutions that impact lives of millions of professionals and thousands of organizations every year. Designed and equipped for 24X7 deliveries on high-end knowledge-based processes, the CredForce campuses have become benchmarks for many others who desire to create a high-energy workplace oozing with cheer, and synced up all the way with a creativity and innovation-driven culture. CredForce environs inspire multitasking, team-work and cross-industry work for organizations across the globe. Our sprawling 20,000 ft global delivery center in Gurgaon, India, often sets up the benchmarks for the rest of the offices around the world to look up to.

All CredForce campuses feature well-stocked cafeterias; recreation centers; documentation centers; cozy ideation and thinking cabins and a number of mini-meeting rooms – adding up nicely to the tastefully done work-bays and work-spots, making the CredForce offices exciting places to enjoy working.

The Action

All CredForce campuses around the world have well-stocked cafeterias and are spiced up with Friday Bday bashes; holiday celebrations and open-houses.

There are dedicated employee teams engaged in ensuring the workplace never runs out of fun! Interestingly, the CFO most people know more about here in CredForce is the Chief Fun Officer! It’s a position held by a CredFolk for a month in which (s)he leads, manages and organizes a host of employee-activities to keep the fun-quotient high in the campus. Then, we have a host of sporting activities with our own tournaments. The global CredForce system already has the CredForce Annual Table Tennis Championship a top draw and a marquee CredForce event. A slew of learning and development programs like Café English and CredQuiz are always constantly on, besides pep-talk events; leadership seminars and writing workshops.


We are driven by several mission-critical teams of talented CredFolks. These teams help CredForce design and commission standards, systems, qualifications and certifications for global business and non-business organizations and also back, drive, operate and manage some of the world's most advanced niche-leading credentialing bodies.

Our technology teams conceive, design, build and manage the CredForce digital infrastructure using the most advanced software tools and concepts in vogue today.

Our credentialing architects design credentialing mechanisms, policies, protocols and processes for our clients and Consortium standards bodies.

The domain and industry knowledge teams research, explore and diagnose emerging industries and professions demanding credentialing attention.

The digital connect teams model and manage clutter-busting campaigns for accelerating expansion and penetration of new certification products of our client organizations and empaneled credentialing bodies across the world.

The knowledgeware teams research and compile content and coordinate with experts, authors, universities and global publishers to produce learning and exam preparation kits, audit manuals and common bodies of standards and knowledge.

The supply chain teams manage the backend and frontend business and knowledge processes for our client certification bodies.

The advocacy teams manage standards propagation and certification sales programs worldwide through a matrix of digital and partner-based strategies and programs.


CredForce rewards exceptional organizational talent through its CredStar program. CredStars are the more extraordinary among the already stunning CredFolks. They are worldclass in whatever they do; and a joy to be around with. They always find work when there's none sitting on their desks, and play hard and are livewire and love cheering up their fellow CredFolks. CredStars are versatile and our resident experts at pep-talk! And finally, our CredStars take initiatives for change; are ready to stick their neck out for what is good for their assignment; and walk that extra mile to reduce the pain of their internal customers and supervisors.

All CredForce teams are globally networked, working across timezones, tapping into the expertise areas of each other to stay on top of their deliveries.


To join the rapidly expanding family of worldclass CredFolks, write to us at