The Foundation

The CredForce Foundation (TCF) is a not-for-profit initiative of CredForce Asia which contributes to the development of communities and people living on the fringes in parts of India and other developing countries.


TCF leads its own independent initiatives as well as lends support to local governments and other organizations across a spectrum of humanitarian causes.

Our Initiatives


To contribute to the development and support of the poor effected by natural disasters through training, education and the creation of local employment opportunities.

To ensure that the underprivileged youth can leverage employment opportunities being created in the new economy. We try to create new opportunities for them wherever possible. At TCF, we strongly believe that the poor not only have the fundamental right but also the potential to work successfully and contribute to the economy.

To ensure the safety, security, health and development of poor children in India with a special focus on girls and special needs kids in rural and semi-urban areas. TCF is committed to being associated with other agencies working for these and related causes.

Verticals of Focus


The Foundation focuses on contributing to various causes related to FOUR verticals—Employability Development, Community Care, Women Empowerment and Disaster Assistance & Rehabilitation.

Employability Development

CredForce works with governments across the world in various areas of employability development. The CredForce Foundation leverages its technical capabilities to organize training programs for underprivileged communities so that the poor can be made employable in organized industrial sectors like BPO, security services, retailing and computer operations, among others.

Community Care

TCF provides special programs on healthcare, adult literacy, seasonal employment and other programs across India. Scholarships and financial aid to many CredForce certification programs are made available to affected citizens.

Women Empowerment

TCF has introduced a set of new initiatives on micro-entrepreneurship and special education for rural women based in northern India. An array of grants and scholarships are being made available for women who can train and certify under CredForce programs at zero cost.

Disaster Rehabilitation

TCF deploys special teams to work in disaster affected areas and organizes long-term training, education and job-camps for the effected population.