End-to-End Digital Integration

The CredForce service-delivery infrastructure is driven on latest technologies through a digital backbone composed of sophisticated software tools and applications. This has helped us build a globally integrated supply chain of specialist credentialing knowledge and high-end management services to serve leading global certifiers, accreditors, rating agencies, educators and standards bodies.

Tools & Platforms

These CredForce tools and platforms ensure speed, quality, affordability and agility in the way we serve our clients and customers around the world, and keep in step with the changing demands of the volatile business landscape.

CredRadar is responsible for heat-mapping new professions and verticals
World's most robust digital B2B certification examination and assessment platform
The worldwide CredForce digital platform connecting up consortium certification bodies
The CredForce digital Client/ Customer Management platform that connects
The CredForce digital platform that manages all the tasks and services and processes
The CredForce digital tool and platform that offers digital training and preparation
A groundbreaking CredForce digital tool being developed for professionals
The world’s first and the largest online encyclopedia and information
The smart CredForce system for digital badging of credentials and qualifications.
ExamStrong offers the world’s most sophisticated, secure, versatile and robust


CredForce knowledge teams constantly work on creating innovative and powerful learning solutions for professionals cutting across functions and industry verticals.

Many of these programs are exclusively for preparation for high-stake certification exams of renowned credentialing bodies. There is a strong line-up of modules that supplement the CredForce workforce development projects and corporate talent breeding initiatives. Global content and publishing leaders like Wiley partner CredForce to create custom-knowledgeware and study kits for our clients and audiences.

CredForce provides a wide array of specialist services to global credentialing and certification leaders

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