CredForce is building a global league of the very best of professionals…

And if you think thinking and doing are inseparable, you're damn too close to the kinda of people who make us up. There's a red carpet we keep rolling out here for self–starters who know work is worship, but the play should never stop too! If you're at CredForce, you don't just work out of the box. You flit and fly around exploring what else can you give wings to. You become one with a diverse workforce that loves knowledge, grapes and wine more than the darn grapevine.

We–re crazy. We first nudge you into building your own “box” (read roles) – and then pester you to break it even sooner. And then, we ask you again to do another ‘box’ – but a bigger one this time! It goes on till you tire out. Which will be never.

We're a people who hate the sidewalks and love building our own roads instead. Soon, we stack up ramps on them. We're guys, who drive with clear heads, and that fiery desire to make a mark in whatever we do. Where are you headed?

Why Choose Us?

Working with CredForce also means working for multiple industries at the same time!

It's exciting because we serve clients from wide–ranging industry verticals and we do it for organizations across the globe. We don't have managers breathing down your necks or shouting out from their Babel Towers. For us, thinking and doing are inseparable and hence, all CredForce members strive to be self–motivated, versatile, free–thinking and excellence–driven professionals, capable of viewing their roles and responsibilities from multiple perspectives. That's why finding “right spirited” talents to perfectly fit our culture keeps our Talent Team scratching their heads – also making our recruitment process quite interestingly different.

Culture Wheel

We think smart. We work smarter. We love results. We hate rhetoric. We own up errors. And we don't repeat them. We don't pass the buck on. We know we have a brand to protect and groom. Ours. We're selfish about stamping our class. This culture wheels up the juggernaut called CredForce.
Culture Wheel

Roles with us

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The following are the key career tracks open currently:

  • Market & Industry Intelligence

    Often joked about as the “real MI” – after the British MI5 and MI6! – the CredForce Market & Industry Intelligence (MII) teams are fundamentally engaged in exploring countries, industries and professions to identify emerging credentialing requirements. They work on piloting credentialing ideas and models, conduct feasibility & viability studies, and provide analytics for decision-making. The accent is on secondary and tertiary exploration, and only rarely are primary studies deployed.

  • Digital & Beyond

    The Digital Services function is of prime importance for us, as we need to continue strengthening our platforms for progressively better deliveries to customers and to also ensure sharper communication with our stakeholders. Digital tools also propel research, advocacy, business development, marketing and decision–making better. Our digital services team typically includes bright talents exposed to building and using applications on digital marketing, mobility and customer analytics, among others.

  • Corporate Functions

    We deploy efficient, energetic talents in important support roles cutting across the functions of HR, IT, legal, and finance to help run a world–class organization. Notably, a majority of these positions are currently based in India. We even need writers and editors and visualizers who can add more meat, value and pizazz to the communication we make with a wide gamut of corporate and institutional stakeholders. Indeed, we remain open-minded about the terms of employment for many of these corporate roles.

  • Strategy & Business

    At its core, CredForce is intensely and intricately strategy–bound, driven by the vision to make credentialing the number one driver of business globally. As a consortium with interests in multiple domains of credentialing, we need to keep building our teams of business analysts who contribute to the development of strategies, models and plans related to business, operations and new–products introduction. Importantly, our young guns in the strategy and business teams have contributed immensely in our rapid growth recently.

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