CredForce has built itself versatile to meet the credentialing needs of the widest possible spectrum of industrial, business and social verticals. Right from governments and multilateral bodies like the World Bank on the one hand, to universities and large corporations. We provide credentialing solutions ranging from custom-building captive credentialing mechanisms, certification programs and standards to large-scale workforce certification.

  • Government
    The CredForce worldwide network works with national and provincial... Discover More
  • Social & Economic Development
    CredForce provides workforce development and industry improvement...Discover More
  • Business Process Outsourcing
    A key set of globally proven capabilities of CredForce corresponds to credentialing and certification in business process outsourcing. These include certifications for BPO professionals for various levels... Discover More
  • Blockchain
    CredForce exclusively manages the worldwide operations of the... Discover More
  • Data Science & Predictive Analytics
    Strides in Data Science, Predictive Analytics, and Machine Learning in recent years have changed not only how people and organizations work, but also the very way technologies themselves birth, spread... Discover More
  • Business Strategy
    CredForce continuously monitors newly emerging professions in the... Discover More
  • Digital Transformation, Business & Marketing
    CredForce is reaching half a dozen of the most credible international certifications... Discover More
  • Talent Management
    CredForce is in the process of spreading out TMI's Talent Management... Discover More
  • Universities Higher Education
    CredForce certification products, services and solutions connect well with... Discover More
  • K12 Education
    Capability and excellence recognition and indexing is another area in... Discover More
  • Healthcare
    CredForce is syncing up with some of the world's most prestigious... Discover More
  • M&A, Investment Management
    & Private Equity
    In the globalized 21st century economic landscape, funding businesses, investing and managing risks, returns and growth demand knowledge and skills that are uniquely complex and different from traditional... Discover More

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