A key set of globally proven capabilities of CredForce corresponds to credentialing and certification in business process outsourcing. These include certifications for BPO professionals for various levels and functions, as well as providing BPO certification solutions, and related credentialing services to governments, industry chambers and corporations to facilitate development of worldclass pools of certified BPO talents, and also help local BPO companies embrace international management standards.

Since October 2013, CredForce has taken over the logistics and research–support responsibilities of BCI – the most renowned advisor to governments and large organizations on a host of development issues in outsourcing. CredForce has developed a whole new set of structured services and solutions leveraging these capabilities of BCI, and we are even using them for a cross section of other industries and verticals, as well. BCI certification examinations are conducted by ExamStrong. The ExamStrong team is composed of test-delivery experts with years of accomplished exposure to various aspects of TEI-based test-engine development; exam-integrity assurance; real-time proctoring, and backed by experience of over 50000 tests around the world since 1995 in a variety of modes - including real time, online proctored in the private mode, and the center-based available across 180+ countries covering all major cities and business locations.

Outsourcing is Permanent

Nothing can kill outsourcing as long as profit drives business. BPO, KPO and all the other domains of outsourcing serve business on our planet 24X7 to Fortune companies as well as thousands of midsized corporate wonders.Whether it's making a career out of BPO, or building your own BPO start–up, or it's even getting your BPO to grow – credentials from BCI, the premier CredForce consortium member – do it all.

Credentialing solutions for Governments, ICT Ministry, Industry Boards & Industry Associations

We develop arrays of sophisticated programs combining certification products and expertise of CredForce–managed institutes like BCI, TMI and SQBA for governments. Our solutions for governments have proven to have directly impacted their initiatives of workforce development; industry growth, competitiveness enhancement and planning-effectiveness. Write to us at info@credforce.com for more information.

BPO Credentialing solutions for Institutions & Universities

CredForce partners and client–certification bodies, BCI and SQBA provide highly specialized solutions to universities, higher education and vocational training systems on aspects related to standards development, credentialing, assessments, and qualification systems development for outsourcing. Write to us at info@credforce.comfor more information.

Additionally, CredForce sets up International Centers for Outsourcing and Software Studies (ICOSS®) in leading universities and institutions. Under the ICOSS® program, institutions get licenses from BCI and SQBA to offer international training and certification programs of BCI and SQBA. Write to us at info@credforce.comfor more information.

Credentialing Solutions to Business and Non-Business Organizations on Outsourcing

Cross–departmental CredForce teams provide comprehensive solutions under the aegis of BCI to workforce and enterprise systems credentialing projects executed for large multinational business systems or non–for–profit organizations.

The key services include:

  • Setting up internal, enterprise–wide workforce–breeding/ talent development mechanisms benchmarked to the best in the world
  • Setting up internal, enterprise–wide talent development centers/academies in BPO organizations that operate on global standards and have a robust internal certification mechanism
  • Service delivery and talent management quality audits and advisory for improvements
  • Expansion/diversification into training and education; setting up training/ education business for a chosen vertical – BPO/IT/Retail/Telecom/Banking etc.

To know more about our certification products and solutions for BPO companies and professionals, please write to us at info@credforce.com.