Healthcare has been consistently ranked as an industry with the maximum need for operating on global quality standards and internationally certified systems and processes. CredForce is syncing up with some of the world's most prestigious accreditation and certification agencies in the healthcare space to create special certification solutions that are affordable and relevant for small, niche providers dotting the industry's long, complex value chain.

We are keenly attending to the credentialing needs of hospitals, rural clinics, oral care centers, ambulatory care providers, diagnostic centers, pathology labs and physiotherapy centers in order to develop enterprise–side certifications, which will ultimately help these service providers align their functioning and practices with global standards.

The Impacts We Have Planned

CredForce studies have confirmed that the services of many industries remain under–distributed, lower quality and expensive. This is primarily because of the other “participants” on the value chain are either very weak or absent. The healthcare industry in most countries suffers from this disability. At CredForce, we have aimed at introducing world–class standards and certifications at affordable costs for virtually all types of professionals and organizations associated with the industry.

Healthcare Is Getting Competitive

Healthcare service providers need to wake up to the rapidly tightening quality and statutory norms and governmental regulations. And then, there's rising competition. Adoption of international standards and getting certified by a global credentialing body lends a decisive edge to healthcare entities. CredForce brings the world's most affordable credentials that can be obtained fast, and maintained conveniently.

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