Dear Visitor,
It's a pleasure welcoming you here on,the flagship website of CredForce. Just as we are committed to providing you information which is correct, updated and accurate, and which helps you understand our organization, services and business principles clearly, we are equally conscious of our responsibility to ensure full security and confidentiality of all information that we may collect from you during the course of your interface with our website.

For your kind information, this website is administered by CredForce, and the basic purpose of is to be a vibrant resource and tool to help you understand our offerings. CredForce, as an Organization, wants you to feel secure in browsing our site and is committed to maintaining your privacy all the way while you're with us on the site, and also after you've moved out.

Indeed, we appreciate you may want to read and understand in a greater detail how we protect the privacy of our valued visitors. Here below, please find all our important information–collection and security policies described:

Information collection on

Information about visitors to may be collected both, directly, and indirectly. Direct collection of information happens when visitors interact with the website and submit information on the various links of during the process. Most of the information we collect is through voluntarily submission of information that visitors make while – for instance – registering for any of our products or services or membership programs or events; or while applying for a certification, or a partnership or a job–vacancy with us; or while participating in a survey or study featured on the website.

Indeed, on all occasions and locations when or where information is collected by us on , we duly inform and prompt visitors about the reasons thereof, and also about how this information shall be used by us in the future. All along, the visitors have the option open of refusing submission of information being requested of them.

Indirect collection of information on site visitors chiefly happens through our Internet access logs. When visitors access, their Internet addresses are automatically collected and placed in our Internet access logs.

Information use on

Information collected on visitors is primarily deployed for determining and understanding how the browsing experience on can be improved even further in terms of content–relevance, navigation, UX design and interaction quality. We may also use information for a few other very specific contextual purposes, the description of which is provided to all visitors at the point when such information is being collected.

Sharing Visitor Information with outside parties

As an organization which is global, information may be transferred to, and exchanged between our various locations around the world, for purposes described above. However, absolutely none of the visitor-information is ever sold or traded with or transferred to any individual or organization external to the CredForce system – the information is free only for internal use. Indeed, in a few very special circumstances, visitor information may have to be shared with external parties – for instance event companies managing a CredForce conference will have to be told about the meal preferences of the visitors who have registered through our website. But to reiterate, all possible uses to which information can be put by us will be always disclosed at the time and point when we collect such information.

Sensitive Personal Information

We do not generally collect sensitive personal information about visitors through our site, , but if at all we ever do, visitors are duly informed about it; explained the purpose of information collection and its proposed uses; and formally taken consent of.

Can visitors access information they shared with us?

Returning visitors are authorized by CredForce to check with us about the information they have shared with us in the past, and also the permission to correct/ change entries in some areas. Access to such information can be obtained by writing to

Is customer data secured?

We take appropriate measures to maintain the security of our visitor's data on You as a visitor should understand that due to the open nature of the Internet data may flow over various networks without security measures and can be accessed and used by individuals other than those for whom the data is meant for.

If you have any questions now or during your visit, please write to us on: