Nations, organizations, institutions, industry bodies, non-government outfits and multilateral organizations – all need a robust mechanism for certifying their employees, workforce, managers and departments on the latest standards. We work credentialing the way it makes validating competence and certifying professionals and entities a breeze, and yet ever so robust, reliable and agile.

In fact, over the last few years, we have been connecting up bit, by bit, what is the world’s most seamless supply chain of knowledge, expertise, material and support services organizations and accreditation and certification bodies need to make their credentialing operations more reliable, transparent, organic and scalable. Our knowledge, capabilities and experience in credentialing today straddle all critical nodes and stages of the value chain. So, on the one hand, we create new certification organizations; we expand the existing ones and make them more efficient, on the other, we custom-build exclusive certification mechanisms and programs and frameworks for governments and transnational industry bodies. We are also the world’s only provider of supply chain management services to the global certification and credentialing industry – with capabilities and networks to smoothly run, operate and manage marketing, operational and commercial functions of certification bodies on their behalf.

Credentialing Organization Development

Some of our strongest capabilities are in building credentialing outfits from ground–up and in taking them to market in rapid time.

We conceive, promote, build, develop and commission credentialing entities that offer...

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Business and Knowledge Services for your Certification Business

Scale up and enhance the impact of your Certification business.

CredForce has the most robust capabilities to source and manage the very best of standards research, authoring, modeling and knowledgeware on the one hand, and on the other, getting your manuals, credential kits, insignias and designation pins designed and produced...

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Workforce Certification

We offer the world's only set of large–scale workforce certification solutions for governments and transnationals, and our certifications cut across industry verticals and client domains including outsourcing, software engineering, mobile applications and cloud technologies among others.

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Education Product Development

CredForce is also the world's first and the only specialist in researching, designing, developing, testing and commissioning of higher'education and skill'development qualifications and programs for universities, vocational institutions and government departments.

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