Nations, industrial bodies, non-government organizations, private institutions, multilateral organizations – all these entities and more need robust mechanisms to ensure their employees and workforces are qualified with the latest standards. We use our credentialing prowess to make competence validation and professional certification easy yet robust, reliable and agile. 

In fact, we have spent the last several years connecting the world’s most seamless supply chain of knowledge, expertise, material and support services.  This carefully crafted supply chain provides support to certification bodies and accrediting organizations in ways that make their operations more reliable, transparent and scalable. Our knowledge, capabilities and experience in credentialing today straddle all critical nodes and stages of the value chain. On the one hand, we create new certification organizations and expand existing bodies by making them more efficient. On the other hand, we custom-build exclusive certification mechanisms, programs and frameworks for governments and international industry bodies. All of this adds up to us being the exclusive provider of supply chain management services for the global certification and credentialing industry with capabilities to smoothly run and manage marketing, operational and commercial functions for our clients.

Credentialing Eco-system Development

Our strongest capabilities are in building credentialing systems from the ground up and taking them to market. We conceive, build, incubate, commission and promote credentialing entities that offer solutions and services across the spectrum of capabilities validation.

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Business and Knowledge Services for your Certification Business

Scale up and enhance the impact of your Certification business.

We offer end-to-end value chain services for credentialing organizations. This means we offer everything from research and authoring of certifications to design and production of all necessary materials.

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Workforce Certification

We offer the world’s only set of large-scale workforce certification solutions for governments and international organizations. We work with you to custom-build the right solution for your workforce credentialing needs.

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Education Product Development

We work with universities and vocational institutions to design, develop and commission specialized skill development qualifications and programs to take their learning institutions to an even higher level.

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