• Do you want to scale up your Certification/ Accreditation/ Credentialing business operations?

  • Do you want to introduce new certifications around your products?

  • Do you desire to bring down the cost structure of your credentialing operations?

  • Do you want to re-invent your existing certification standards?

  • Do you want to expedite your audit and validation processes, making them less cumbersome for client operations?

  • Do you want to graduate to faster, more economical certification exam systems?

  • Do you want to accelerate your credentialing cycle-times and complete certification projects faster?

  • Do you want to improve the marketing and advocacy of your certification programs and standards?

We offer end-to-end value chain services for credentialing organizations. This means we offer everything from research and authoring of certifications to design and production of all necessary materials.

At CredForce, we’ve built systems and expertise that help certification, accreditation and credentialing bodies expand their impact and successfully overcome the structural challenges that have been debilitating them. We are driven by a rich repertoire of intellectual property, content and proprietary expertise in areas like standards development, audits, credentialing systems design and assessment. We have developed knowledgeware in many certification areas like outsourcing, talent management, private equity, digital marketing and big data, among others.

Our supply chain services vertical specializes in restructuring, re-engineering and expanding the footprint of your organization. We redo your certification products, organize their examinations and audits, remodel your certification process, expand your partner network, add to your content and improve your commercial networks. Once we do that we can then help you re-brand and market your certification products and services internationally.

End-to-End Services

More specifically, we provide support in all research, design, development, and execution activities that mark the typical value chain of credentialing. Specialized departments in our globally distributed shared services centers do everything from developing certifications and revising standards to conducting validations and managing the enterprise-wide technology apparatus for our client institutions.

The complete value chain includes activities related to advocacy, marketing, content development, customer support, and partner management, all handled by specialized teams within our organization. We also conduct global events and seminars for clients and their affiliates including master trainer workshops, masterclasses and a wide variety of other special-purpose workshops. We manage on behalf of these organizations the entire credentialing process starting from registration management, delivering training kits, supporting customers, conducting examinations and shipping the final credentialing packs.

To know more, please write to us at info@credforce.com.