• Does your organization want to set up your own accreditation or certification outfit?

  • Do you want to turnaround and scale your existing credentialing program?

  • Does your technology regimen require a new certification unit to support expansion?

Our strongest capabilities are in building credentialing systems from the ground up and taking them to market. We conceive, build, incubate, commission and promote credentialing entities that offer solutions and services across the spectrum of capabilities validation. These entities may focus on one of many industry verticals or focus on social, government or development sectors. The certifications within these entities can vary in scale from professional certifications to enterprise certifications.

We design, develop and commission smart credentialing products, marketing programs and digital platform systems for enterprise clients. In addition, we also design digital platform–based systems and processes for B2C and B2B sales, assessments, and customer service related to professional certifications. These systems automate cross-selling, up-selling and loyalty leveraging processes using digital platforms. This allows us to shrink the go-to-market times of new products and reduce project cycle times considerably. We have turned around and scaled up some of the world’s most respected niche-leading credentialing bodies in data science, outsourcing, blockchain, talent management and investment banking.

Unmatched Competence

Our leadership in credentialing systems development is punctuated by our expertise, technologies and systems. We design, incubate, commission, promote and manage credentialing organizations. Our supply-chain control further makes CredForce the preferred custom–systems developer for accreditation, certification and excellence–recognition in governments, not-for-profits, and business corporations.

Our robust infrastructure of technology systems is replete with integrated digital platforms through which various value-chain activities and services can be rapidly, conveniently and affordably conducted by our client certification bodies or the certification division within a company. From empowering their training partners with content and knowhow, to conducting examinations, marketing, audits, compliance management, and contract management our competencies are unmatched.

To know more, please write to us at info@credforce.com.