• Do your want to rise faster in your career than you are doing now?

  • Do you wish to change your industry or profession?

  • Do you feel the MOOC learning and the usual certifications by technology companies aren't working for your now?

  • Do you wish to overcome the disadvantages of your academic history or pedigree, if any?

  • Do you wish to transition to the next level of employers and go global?

  • Do your want to become most attractive potential hire for recruiters visiting your university/ college campus?

The answer is simple. Get certified in your area of passion or the function or your profession. And remember, the real value will be added by choosing 3rd party, vendor neutral and platform-agnostic certifications.

These credentials are truly respected because they prove you are capable of working in a wide variety of contexts and on multiple platforms, and they from internationally accredited credential bodies that don't have any vested interests, unlike the popular certifications do. With a reach extending into 180+ countries, CredForce has emerged as the world's single largest unified platform for professionals internationally to obtain the finest of international qualifications and certifications.

You can choose from an array of the most respected and advanced credential qualifications of niche-leading global certification bodies in big data analytics, big data engineering, data science (DASCA), talent management (TMI), strategy(The Strategy Institute), investment management (IBCA), back-office services & technical support (BCI) and private equity (USPEC) among others.

By 2020, the CredForce online credentialing management platform – the CredPlanet will reach out to over 10 million professionals globally covering all major cities and business locations. Powered by alliances with global standards and credentialing leaders, our portfolio of certifications covers almost the entire spectrum of all modern professions and job-verticals, and includes more than two dozen of the best-selling professional qualifications from international credentialing leaders onboard the CredForce platform.

You can also connect with your university or your employer to enquire if there are any special CredForce offers or programs running that you can leverage. In case, your institution or employer isn’t yet offering one of those Credforce programs of your choice, just write to us at info@credforce.com

When you choose to earn a certification through CredForce, here's a view of what you get:

  • World's finest learning, reference and exam-preparation resources

  • Certification exam vouchers of the most well known 3rd party international credentialing body in your chosen professional/ certification area

  • Complete certification exam curricula and exam preparation guidelines

  • Most convenient exam-taking facilities - also anywhere in the world across 180+ countries. We even arrange for private exam-conduct in certain locations

  • For those who qualify exams, a credential kit containing the certificate and designation pins

  • Your certification/ credential is even Digitally Badged - enabling you to showcase and share your newly acquired qualification digitally to your LinkedIn and other contacts or to prospective recruiters.

To know more, please write to us at info@credforce.com.