• Do you need your own set of certifications benchmarked against the best in the world for your organization, government or agency?

  • Does your department need its own workforce certification mechanism to accelerate employment generation?

  • Does your company need its own internal credentialing mechanism to certify your employees?

  • Does your government department require its own world-class accreditation mechanisms to accredit training and certification organizations in your country?

  • Does your government need its own certification mechanism to improve competitiveness of your industries?

  • Do you need a set of globally benchmarked credentialing mechanisms and standards for your organization, so you can objectively certify partners across the world?

At CredForce, we have complete solutions addressing the needs of 21st century businesses, institutions and governments. We design, develop and commission the entire infrastructure of captive-use credentialing systems for a wide variety of business, non-business, governmental and supranational organizations.

We build systems which our business and non-business corporate clients use internally for certifying their workforce and professionals. For our government and supranational clients, we custom-build such infrastructure to facilitate certification of new job-seekers as well as government employees. We also develop accreditation mechanisms, which governments or industry-bodies can deploy to recognize and accredit training, quality and certification organizations down the line in their countries.

We also develop credentialing infrastructure that helps our large client organizations certify the departments, facilities and component entities for operational quality excellence.

The CredForce credentialing infrastructure is custom-designed for high-stake certification and accreditation around the latest international benchmarks. Our captive credentialing solutions ensure that our high-impact organizational clients have their own robust internal frameworks hinged on the best-in-class standards that bind their geographically diversified and distributed workforce units into a high-quality machine, assuring the highest levels of organizational and professional performance.

The key deliverables include:

  • The Credentialing infrastructure and ecosystem schema

  • The Standards Documents & Manuals

  • The Certification Framework & Process schema

  • Credentialing Management Organization & Team Guidelines

  • Policy Guidelines for effective cross-department integration of credentialing consciousness

  • Training & Implementation Manuals for all critical stakeholders

  • Audit & Assessment mechanism schemas and processes

  • Trainer/ instructor development & certification mechanism

  • Implementation strategy guidelines

  • Stakeholder and Leader Orientation Workshops & Seminars

To know more, please write to us at info@credforce.com.