• Are you facing a challenge like “developing a 5000-strong workforce in six months” for your company or country?

  • Do you want to get your employees and talents across facilities and offices certified on the best global standards?

  • Does your government intend to build a pool of internationally certified talent for an industry?

  • Does your department want to enhance employability of job-seekers in emerging industries or traditional sectors?

At CredForce, we help build workforce. We offer the world's only set of large-scale, location-independent talent development and workforce certification solutions for transnationals and governments. You just have to tell us your industry choice and your functional-skills requirements, and we'll build just the right solution for your organization. We have built certified workforce for mass-deployment functions like back-office documentation; finance & accounting data operations and customer service & support operations. You can even choose any of the emerging skill-areas like big-data analytics, big data engineering, data science, talent management and digital marketing among others.

The Credentialing Services Group and the Standards Development Group collaborate to evolve programs, and the globally distributed network of CredForce partners and associates help us manage these projects on the ground across all major cities and business locations in 180+ countries. We also have the most advanced master-trainer breeding programs, specially related to verticals like outsourcing and information technology.

Enterprise-wide Workforce Credentialing (EWC)

The Enterprise–wide Workforce Credentialing (EWC) program enables large multinational organizations establish their own centralized workforce certification system. Our solutions cut across industries and functional specializations. CredForce sets up a dedicated talent development centers or academies aligned to the standards of its associate credentialing bodies and other niche-leading certifiers. For instance, a few multinational BPO enterprises have been working closely with us to establish their enterprise-wide talent development centers so that world leader BCI's global certification system can be adapted to their enterprise; a pre–certification assessment system can be installed within; and their training departments can align their curricula and programs in accordance, so that all the activities related to capacity building can be integrated and streamlined across all global units, and the organization can implement its own enterprise–wide qualification system.

Key deliverables in the Enterprise–wide Workforce Credentialing (EWC) program:

  • Workforce credentialing framework

  • Knowledge & competence grids

  • Training curricula & programs

  • Set–up program for Talent Development Center

  • Training content

  • Trainer development solutions

  • Assessment mechanisms

  • Certification system installation

  • And implementation strategy guide.

Nationwide Credentialing for Professionals (NCP)

Through the new Nationwide Credentialing for Professionals (NCP) program, CredForce helps governments establish a nationwide certification apparatus for certifying its workforce. This Nationwide Credentialing system is implemented in universities, colleges, vocational training centers and even in specialist departments of the Ministry of Education responsible for approval of educational qualifications. Most importantly, after this apparatus is established, CredForce facilitates the award of international certifications from one of the best-known, niche-leading credentialing bodies on the CredForce panel, or from a certifier or an accreditor of your choice.

Key deliverables in the Nationwide Credentialing for Professionals (NCP) program:

  • Workforce Credentialing Framework
  • Knowledge & Competence Grids
  • Training Curricula & Programs
  • Training Content
  • Trainer Development Solutions
  • Assessment and certification Mechanism and system installation
  • And Implementation Strategy Program Guide

To know more, please write to us at info@credforce.com.