Preferred Professional: Am I Yet A Great Potential Hire?

Sep 01, 2015

The rapidly changing business and geo-political landscape has altered the paradigms of how organizations hire, develop and promote their employees. Increasing percolation of talent management approaches across all sectors has made organizations choosy about who they should hire. Traditional jobs hinged on skills are history. And that's the story around the world, and not only in your country!

Your career can head north surer and faster today if you can assure, your skills and knowledge and competence stay constantly relevant, updated and valuable for your industry and function - and not just for your employers. For one, great organizations usually don't hire employees, they hire entrepreneurs. For another, they hardly, if ever, hire for now, they do it for the future.

And that's the point: when dogs begin eating dogs, you got to become a wolf maybe, or at least a bigger, smarter hound. Whether you are a career-starter, or a professional already in harness, differentiability is critical. Standing out taller in that burgeoning crowd of job-seekers - that's the only way to get noticed in a job marketplace. You just increase your probability of at least being called for an interview!

Do you stand taller than the rest of them vying for that great job that you've also set your eyes on? What's that compelling value you think you bring to the table for a recruiter - something that's rare, special, and assures the recruiter, you're designed for the long haul?

So, if you're thinking getting a great job is at least as difficult as getting into America's Got Talent, you’ve sized up the challenge really well.

How “preferred” you think, then, you are as a potential hire?

How can I stand tall as a potential hire?

There are a few things you need to focus on to brand yourself sharply as a great potential hire. And the one thing they all advise is that you're only as good as a potential hire, as the job application you've made. Your papers get the first chance to talk to your prospective employers about you - and your turn will come next, but only when your papers have done their job well.

And that means doing an unputdownable CV. There's a huge lot of theories and assistance available these days on what a great CV should be, and how to make one. So, if other applicants show-off their on-job experience and industry-specific knowledge, and your CV flashes a few international certifications in your professional area, you do earn those vital, extra whammy points - simply because these certifications are a “proof” that you possess the combination of structured knowledge and competence that the job exactly demands - whereas, other applicants without Certifications just could show their “on-the-job” learning.

Hence, your certification or credential does act as at least one of those many powerful assurances for the prospective employer that you have it in you to handle the responsibilities better than others who are NOT certified. Of course, the more credible, prestigious the Certification awarding body is, the more value the employer will attach to your candidacy and application. Practically speaking, 3rd-party certifications deserve - and enjoy - the maximum respect of all recruiters. 3rd party credentials in a profession or function or technology are awarded by bodies who themselves are not the creators of that technology or that knowledge area, and hence, they are away from the biases of vested interest to promote their own platform or technology etc.

And that's an important takeaway, then: adding international certifications - preferably third-party credentials - to your CV helps your job-application talk smarter to the employers, and stand out distinctly taller.

Getting certified is a popular global way of keeping careers growing

According to a comprehensive survey from Global Knowledge and Windows IT Pro, conducted in 2014, over 70% of the IT professionals who achieved new certifications and recertification reportedly experienced an improvement in their work effectiveness following the certification. On the other hand, 83% of people involved in IT training reportedly witnessed an improvement in their employees' work effectiveness following the certification.

However, it doesn't mean that certifications are valuable only within the IT community. Even, non-IT people are also opting for various certifications.The same survey revealed that over 80% non-IT respondents supported the importance of professional development training for career growth. On the other hand, two-thirds considered professional certification important.

Professional certifications increase the potential of a significant hike in employees' pay package. Certification magazine conducted a salary survey wherein more than 40,000 professionals from about 150 nations participated. During the survey, 96% of participants drawing the highest salary revealed that they were certified.

Further, participants unanimously admitted that certifications made a positive impact on their earning potential. Many professionals also believe that achieving recognized certifications is the only way to beat the fierce competition in the job market.Besides, many employers actually look for certified employees. In a candid interview with CredForce, the HR head of an India-based MNC said, “We always look for certified employees for various positions, as professional certifications confirm that candidates are fully aware of the evolving market trends, the latest technology, and methodologies.”

Indeed, for today's professionals, certifications are a great way to ensure that their knowledge depth is verified and assessed by globally recognized standards. It ultimately sets them apart from the rest. And for employers, making investments in certified employees is more significant with better ROI.

So, it is time for you to contemplate whether or not you are a preferred professional.The answer lies only within you.

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