CredForce leads the biggies yet again, named ‘Company of the Year 2016’ by The CEO Magazine

Nov 30, 2016

Gurgaon, India—November 30, 2016:CredForce recently acquired yet another distinction in its rapidly growing, as they call it, "Accolade-Archive". The CEO Magazine one of the most prestigious magazines in India among the C-suite executives in various industries and sectors, featured CredForce as the "Company of The Year 2016" in the credentialing section. This is yet another validation of CredForce's futuristic business model of professional credentialing, even as they move ahead in their rapid expansion into new verticals, sectors and markets.

Speaking to The CEO Magazine Editor Abhishek Gupta, President and Group CEO at CredForce, Rajiv Gupta explained the markets, business models and why professional credentialing is the future necessity of every economy's workforce development across the world. An ISB alumnus and Wharton Fellow, the otherwise reserved Mr. Gupta explained how CredForce, with its unique strategies and singular business model, has virtually created an entirely new industry where it retains the lion's share of the market.

Among the other contenders for the prestigious list were John Verbic of Trepup, Sri Hari Bhat of FIS, Kiran Majumdar Shaw of Biocon and Deb Deep Sengupta, the MD of SAP (APAC). The CEO magazine has a large but niche following among corporate India's biggest and brightest, where their "Company of the Year" is their flagship rankings of successful market players who have broken barriers and are internationally renowned as some of the most promising.

Rajiv also went on to explain how CredForce has emerged as the preferred partner of government agencies as well as large multinational corporations across developed and developing economies, turning CredForce from what was once a startup idea for providing professional credential platforms to enterprises to the certification behemoth it is today, all within a span of less than five years. He also explained that the CredForce model was increasingly finding favor in almost every market they were entering, which is fairly well evidenced by its presence in over 178 countries today.

CredForce, under Rajiv's leadership, is today the world's broadest scoped certifications provider, ranging from disciplines such as BPO, Healthcare and Private Equity to new and emerging professions like Big Data, Digital Marketing and Talent Management. Led by its innovative team of top B-school graduates and highly acclaimed business leadership, the CredForce consortium has also received numerous awards and mentions in the past, including the prestigious BRICS top 100 rankings and CIO Review Magazine in India. It has also been widely hailed as the most trusted source for large scale capability validation of workforce in emerging economies.

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