- CredForce's Digital Way That Makes Acquiring Certifications Affordable And Convenient

Aug 01, 2016

August 2015 -, after becoming a CredForce part is being built into the world's single-largest organic information-warehouse on programs, bodies, systems, rankings and ratings on certifications for emerging and existing professions. When up in its new avatar, will also be the largest worldwide digital marketplace for certifications ever. It is expected to bring seekers of certifications, certification bodies, and certification services providers together to create, what will be the planet's biggest digital exchange for certifications covering the widest possible variety of professions across business and non-business verticals. The company hopes that will add significant force to the company's mission to make high quality certifications in emerging professions and verticals affordable and convenient to acquire for professionals and organizations located even in remotest parts of the world.

CredForce is the world's largest provider of credentialing solutions, services and products. It serves certification needs of professionals, companies, philanthropic & charity organizations & multilateral aid bodies as well as governments. Its core competence is in incubating certification and credentialing bodies/ organizations from ground-up; taking them to market; and in developing credentials for emerging professions.

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