CredForce Pioneers The Credradar Program For Early Identification Of Credentialing Demand

Aug 01, 2014

August 2014 - Quick on its heels after commissioning its Agency Incubation Services, under which the company builds up a credentialing body from ground up and commissions it's services, CredForce is ready to pilot it's CredRadar system. Aimed at tapping its growing global network for capturing under-the-horizon opportunities in credentialing, the CredRadar is expected to add vital months to the lead time the company gets to introduce new certification products. CredRadar is said to rate functions, industries, countries and professions for their credentialing-need quotients, and slots them in three zones - Purple, Green and Yellow - with purple being the maximum-attention zone, and hence demanding the soonest introduction of appropriate credentialing solutions and products. Processes of research attendant to CredRadar have also been approved for a beta, and they will be formally announced in some weeks, when the first beta reports on CredRadar will be ready for share.

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