CredForce Ready To Move To Its Ultimate Positioning - World's Largest Credentialing Business Conglomerate

Jul 02, 2015

July 2015 - In keeping with its corporate strategy and vision, CredForce is scheduled to commence its services and operations regrouped under new business units of what it has now become - a Credentialing Business Conglomerate. This evolution in CredForce's business model implies a momentous change in the global credentialing industry. Now, the company is not only the world's single largest platform and repository of leading certification products of global credentialing giants. It has also become the world's only company with expertise in incubating new credentialing bodies, managing them, and in custom-building credentialing systems for high-impact organizational systems like those of governments and multilateral agencies.

World's Largest Credentialing Business Conglomerate

Notably, late last year, CredForce had taken its first step toward this by equipping itself with systems and processes to offer services in the capability management space. It had compiled, aggregated and integrated its horizontals of training, assessments, audits, certifications, standards to create the single business vertical of Capability Management split up into core expertise-functions of Capability Identification (skills need analysis); Capability Development (training); Capability Standards Development and Capability Validation (Credentialing; Certification!). These four functions now provide the structural moorings to the company required to operate as a global credentialing services leader.

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