Credforce Yanks Open Access To APAC & ASEAN – Starts Off Credforce Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Dec 21, 2016
Gurgaon, India—December 21, 2016

With 50+ international certification products; 18 proprietary process frameworks; a footprint spanning 180+ countries. CredForce is now set for expanding faster and deeper into the hot and happening Asia, come 2017. The world’s largest integrated credentialing and capability-validation solutions conglomerate recently announced the establishment of its new office in Singapore – CredForce Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Rajiv Gupta, President and Group CEO, says, “Our groundbreaking credentialing models and technology platforms have been widely and readily accepted in every market we’ve entered so far simply because of the extraordinary value we deliver and create for our diverse client-segments – which includes professionals who want to grow in their careers; organizations that desire to compete better; and governments that want to grow their industries through world-class systems and talents. All of them need Credentials to showcase their credibility and capabilities for excellence – and that’s what we provide best today. Southeast Asia hosts accelerating tiger-economies with a high need for talent and competitive solutions to help them get even more vibrant. Through CredForce Singapore, we’ve upped our commitment for serving South East Asian nations, companies and professionals with a greater energy and focus to keep them strong and dynamic. Singapore will play the hinge for our ASEAN & APAC market-coverage programs.”

Since its founding, CredForce has impacted economy-critical stakeholders across the world, including multilateral aid bodies; global charity foundations; government agencies, ministries and special interest groups; universities; industry promotion boards; professional associations, and indeed, a host of small and large business corporations including Fortune companies around the world.

“Credibility is the highest-value asset for everybody in the digital age – the holy grail, if you will – and Credentials prove Credibility best. The CredForce credentialing algorithms, rubrics and principles are the first in the world to connect Credibility with Capability-for-excellence most robustly, and validate the two through unbeatably rigorous systems. And that explains why I say we’re in the business of excellence, in the industry of trust. CredForce Singapore establishes a formal channel to funnel the CredForce world-class through into the high-adrenalin APAC & ASEAN geographies.” says Sanjeeva Shukla, the Chief Product Officer of CredForce. He adds, “CredForce was a model conceived ahead of its time, and we’ve not only been the first, but also the fastest mover in the worldwide credentialing market. Our Singapore presence is equal parts organic growth and market share consolidation.”

Notably, the new CredForce office in Singapore is the latest addition to the growing CredForce network with offices in Cape Town, South Africa and London, UK; besides those in Gurgaon, Mumbai and Bangalore, in India and its headquarters in Austin, United States.

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