CredForce Striding Ahead: Cover Story in CIOReview

Aug 04, 2016

Gurgaon, India – August 4, 2016: CredForce, the world’s first and largest certification business conglomerate, was featured in the cover story of the CIOReview magazine’s August 2016 issue. The cover story, written by Sudhakar Singh, dives into the world of credentialing and capability validation and interviews the CredForce honchos, including Rajiv Gupta, President and Group CEO, CredForce Asia Limited; Sanjeeva Shukla, Chief Product Officer, CredForce Asia Limited; and Dr. Gary Gates, Sr. Vice President – Global Business, Pearson VUE.

Referring to Credentialing “as the new godsend for businesses and professionals, the way ERP was for companies and MBA for professionals in the nineties,” the story highlights how the global market for certifications is silently, but surely, snowballing, how new niches and opportunities are emerging in the market, and how CredForce is positioning itself to “pounce on and lead.”

While talking about the importance of third-party international certifications for start-ups, SMEs, businesses, and individuals, it quotes Rajiv as saying, “Probably, the ability of organizations to build reliable business networks fast; to hire the best talents around; and to establish their credibility among potential business partners and clients should be regarded as most critical to have today, if companies desire to earn an upper hand or to keep one. Getting credentialed or certified or accredited by an international body is the best way to make your presence felt, and drive the advantage home.”

It mentions the CredForce business as “a mix of high-end management consulting; process and systems development; knowledge process management and channel marketing – all and everything related to just one space – CERTIFICATIONS or CREDENTIALING” and shows how CredForce is revolutionizing the global credentialing landscape.

To read the published story, click here.

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