CredForce turns 5: Commemorates Multiple Global Milestones In Just Half A Decade

Feb 15, 2017
Gurgaon, India — CredForce, the colossal worldwide conglomerate in credentialing, is completing five years of being in the business of validating capabilities of and credentialing individuals, government agencies, and companies with its expansive range of best-in-class products and standards. It aims to keep challenging the status quo, even its own, and recommits to conquering newer territories.

CredForce recently celebrated its 5th anniversary of operations across the world. Today, CredForce is a certification conglomerate and an industry leader in competency validation of governments, organizations and individuals alike. It started with the vision of changing the dynamics of worldwide professional accreditations and competency validations. And it did, in less than half a decade. It was no mean feat, changing the face of global certification consulting and presenting the world’s broadest spectrum of certification authorities to nations and businesses across 7,000+ global locations. But CredForce did it as only a true disruptor can, with élan. Today, as CredForce celebrates it’s tremendous success for the fifth consecutive year, it is already recognized as leading the world in capability-validation with its massive impact. How did the journey begin?

It was back in 2012 that 3 visionary entrepreneurs discovered the power of credentialing and how critical capability-validation really was for business and careers. CredForce changed the face of the global certification landscape and on the same trajectory, in 2013, the company designed the world’s first globally integrated credentialing ecosystem. It also collaborated with the Youth Affairs Ministry in Sri Lanka to work on precertification training and assessment. Not resting on its laurels, the very next year signed up different memorandums in 2014, CredForce developed the world’s first digital backbone for credentialing services delivery, spanning the entire capability management value chain.

CredForce didn’t stop pulling out all the stops there, either. By 2015, it had diversified across 178 countries with its groundbreaking networking model. It commissioned its cloud computing certifications under the aegis of SQBA (Software Qualifications Board of America) for Big Data standards management. In its continuing global campaign, it made it’s presence felt in the markets of rapidly emerging economies like Mauritius, Egypt, Kenya and Ghana as well. The same year it achieved the almost impossible – the facilitation of the partnership of BCI-ICTA for workforce development and the successful certification of 500+ professionals within a span of two years. Completely disrupting the world’s certification market, CredForce has, since then, emerged as the world’s single largest consortium of standards bodies and the only one in the world to provide incubation to new credentialing bodies, also sealing the exclusive acquisition of TMI (Talent management Institute) based in Austin, USA, in the process.

Global recognition soon followed by 2017, CredForce was dominating the credentialing world with the planet’s richest portfolio of credentialing products and services. A superlative business model, coupled with a visionary management team and a handpicked, capable staff proved to be an unbeatable advantage. It featured as the ‘Company of the Year’ by the renowned The CEO Magazine, India and ranked as one of the 20 most promising BPM companies by SiliconIndia, the oldest online technology community in Asia. It was ranked as one of the 100 fastest growing companies in the BRICS countries. Further expanding its global footprint, it ventured into the APAC and ASEAN markets with the establishment of CredForce Singapore Pte. Ltd., where it is projected to gain a dominant position, riding on it’s futuristic technology and industry expertise.

CredForce accomplished all of this in less than 5 years. As it sets its eyes on newer peaks to climb and the next milestone to achieve, CredForce today is a leader –

In the Business of Excellence. In The Industry of Trust.

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