Credradar Identifies Healthcare Among The Industries Needing Maximum Credentialing Intervention

Apr 01, 2015

April 2015 - A CredForce CredScape team studying credentialing demand in late 2014 had tentatively calculated that as much as about 80% of the international healthcare industry is engaged in non-clinical functions and services, and at least 50% of these operate without being backed up by adequately credible or recognized international standards.

Though the studies are still on, in early March 2015, CredForce decided to bring Healthcare industry as a prime target on its CredRadar program. A special team is now being drafted to conduct a worldwide hunt for credentialing bodies and standards agencies specializing in healthcare standards and certifications. In August 2015, CredForce plans to identify those bodies which can be boarded onto the CredForce platform, and relevant credentialing products and mechanisms can be collaboratively developed to address the certification needs of those organizations on the healthcare value chain that offer support services. By early 2016, duly credentialed and accredited certifications are expected to be rolled out for domains including diagnostics and pathology; oral care; physiotherapy; nursing; ambulatory care; and immunization services among others. CredForce expects to cover at least 500 organizations offering secondary and tertiary support services related to healthcare through its certifications in the next three years.

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