Credradar Posts First Set Of Results - Spots Cloud, Big Data And Talent Management As The Next Big Professions

Oct 01, 2014

October 2014 - CredForce's game-changing early identifier system CredRadar completed its first pilot and spotlit those industry functions, verticals and professions that will begin needing credentialing attention in the coming five years. Talent Management, Big Data and Cloud have been marked purple by CredRadar, suggesting CredForce should consider introducing certifications for professionals in these domains as soon as possible. Notably, CredForce's enterprise/ agency Incubation group is already working with the Talent Management Institute TMI, and the Software Qualifications Board of America to get their overhauled certifications and standards back into the market by late 2015.

It may be recalled that CredRadar was launched late last year by CredForce with the idea of having a system that will enable the company tap into its growing global network and predict under-the-horizon opportunities in credentialing. CredRadar is among the most significant efforts of the company to accelerate reaching new certifications to market and hence, is expected to add vital months to the lead time the company gets to introduce new certification products. CredRadar rates functions, industries, countries and professions for their credentialing-need quotients, and slots them in three zones - Purple, Green and Yellow - with purple being the maximum-attention zone, and hence demanding the soonest introduction of appropriate credentialing solutions and products.

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