Infographic: Employment Trends in Middle East Revealed

Apr 28, 2017

The past half- decade has seen the hiring climate in the Middle East region plateau, attributed mainly to the stabilization of oil prices across the world, combined with the political unrest in the GCC countries, a recent research that delved deeper beneath the surface revealed some surprising trends – a resurgence in new talent acquisition. A key driver of this is the ongoing development work for Expo 2020, an event that is hastening the process of new hiring, impacting the overall employment outlook, as a result.

The proposed changes to corporate tax and the possible imposition of VAT in a unified taxation systems are still in the works and are sure to spur more demand for tax specialists and certified accounts managers, even as the new tax regime is implemented. This will create a greater, stable demand for certified finance and accounting professionals who are likely to be hired by most organizations coming to terms with the implied changes in the new tax reforms. Given the tremendous wave of big data growth in the Middle East, massive investments in the technology sector are inevitable. This is the right time to ride the wave and get certified in Big Data Technologies.

Employment Trends

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