Infographic: How to Carve a Career in Big Data

Aug 31, 2016

Data Science Career Advice is a plenty on the internet and usually a whole lot of noise. To begin a career in data science, getting the basics right ensures a good start. Industry experts agree that strong fundamentals, preferably with a degree in mathematics and statistics are key, while computer science is also an option. With Data Science, continuous skill upgradation and certification will ensure the biggest value addition to your résumé. Universal Data query languages like SQL and statistical computing tools like SAS or R are the must-haves as of 2016, along with a programming language like Python or Java. With these skills, it’s easy to get hired by global technology leaders.

The path to becoming a successful Data Scientist, as this infographic shows, often passes through the quintessential milestone of being a Data Analyst first.

Infographic: How to Carve a Career in Big Data

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