Infographic: The Present and the Future of Credentialing in Information Technology

Oct 26, 2016

Professional Credentials are perhaps nowhere as critical to career growth and continuous professional development as it is in Information Technology. Around 73% of professionals are either currently pursuing or planning to acquire at least another certification in the coming year while already having one.

The Cloud is all set to cause a watershed in the IT world. Every company, large or tiny, is recognizing the immense benefits of operating in the cloud computing architecture today. In fact, acquiring solution architects and cloud are foremost on the priority list of every IT major in 2017.

So how does it all add up? Where will each of the top ranking certifications on our list get you? And how much money can you expect to earn? Which are the top paying domains in IT in 2017? Get the lowdown on all this and more in this interesting CredForce Infographic that has all you could possibly want to know about the state of IT certifications in 2017! Check it out now and make your career move!

Infographic: The Present and the Future of Credentialing in Information Technology

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