K12 And School Education Tops Attention–Rankings On CredForce's Credradar In Q2–2015

Aug 02, 2016

July 2015 - CredRadar has identified schools - popularly clustered as K12 denoting education in schools from grade 1 to grade 12 - till before university - as a segment with major needs of affordable, convenient credentialing solutions hinged on globally accepted standards.

The CredForce CredScape teams have tentatively listed nearly 3000+ schools across Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America that should be covered in the next two-three years. Based on these reports, CredForce is expected to shortly announce its K12 credentialing mission and accordingly the hunt shall commence for appropriate standards bodies on K12 education excellence around the world, after which a slew of certification products for schools based on the selected standards will be developed, piloted, accredited and commissioned. Considering the fact that the go-to-market speed for new/ relaunched certification products at CredForce has increased significantly to about 8 months from the earlier 14, schools globally can expect certifications for them to hit the marquee around February-March 2016.

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