Mauritius Breeds Its First Set Of Indigenous Bpo Master Trainers – Credforce Completes The First Leg Of The Workforce Development Initiative For National Computer Board In Mauritius

May 01, 2015

May 2015 - CredForce completed the BCI BPO Master Trainer Breeding project for the National Computer Board, Government of Mauritius with the organization of the CBMT certification examination of the nominated trainers. 18 trainees underwent the three-weeks MTB workshop held in Ebene Cyber city in December 2014, in which four BPO Certification Institute Certified Lead Trainers were flown down from India and all training material was supplied by Wiley. In the next stage, the trainees were required to complete a dissertation project and submit their dissertation thesis to BPO Certification Institute for evaluation.

The results of the certification examinations are due in June 2015. Notably, BCI has been a long-time strategic partner of the Mauritian BPO and ICT driven industries and has recently signed up a memorandum of understanding with the National Computer Board to assist in the development of a robust ecosystem for ICT workforce breeding. The first project in line is for breeding BPO Master Trainers on BCI standards.

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