Recertification: Is It A Bane Or Boon For Today's Professionals?

Sep 18, 2015

Welcome to the professional world of the 21st century! A world that is flattened by globalization, the ubiquitous use of technology and the global demography. It is the world where change is not only a constant but the most obvious thing. And where the concept 'the survival of the fittest' has gained a renewed focus. Professionally, now you have to be as fit as a fiddle. Or else, you will become a dinosaur and eventually get extinct from this professional world!

Honestly speaking, your college or university degrees will help little to keep you professionally fit and valid in today's ever-evolving job landscape. On-job experience, training and workshops do have their own shares of benefits. However, when it comes to your professional validation and credibility, certifications will give you the much needed edge.

A study was conducted on the importance of the professional certification. In the survey, 92.3 percent of the respondents have revealed that their professional certifications hold importance when it comes to showing their competency in their respective jobs. On the other hand, 88.7 percent of the respondents have revealed that certifications help them get professional recognition. Besides, many professionals, time and again, have revealed that professional certifications are like a springboard to higher pay and greater score for advancement.

These days, certifications are being preferred by employees across professions. However, most of the certifications have their own validity periods, which can be of three-four years. So, what after that? Do not let the ‘dinosaur syndrome’ overpower you once this validity period is over. You still have the option to stay industry-relevant and future-ready. And this option comes in the form of recertification.

Recertification: A Healthy Dose for Your Professional Fitness

To put in simple words, recertification can be described as a method to renew your professional certification. More specifically, recertification demonstrates your commitment and ability to learn, grow, and stay abreast of the latest development in your field. It not only inspires professionals to update their skills but also motivates them to go ahead of their certifications, which are bound to lapse in a few years.

Why Do You Need to Recertify Yourself Even if You Have Relevant Experience & Certification?

As we mentioned at the starting of the blog, change is at the core of today's professional world. With growing automation, evolving technology, and ever-changing job requirements, skills required for a particular role are evolving fast. Companies, nowadays, prefer versatile and dynamic professionals-irrespective of their experience. So, if you think you can relax once you have gained required certification and experience, you are completely wrong! Instead, you must keep your learning curve steeper. There is no room for complacency.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider recertification.

  • To keep pace with the evolving job market and update your professional validity:

    For a busy professional like you, it's quite possible to lose track of the changing job needs and roles. Especially if you are an IT or finance professional, it is difficult for you to keep your fingers on the pulse all the time. Recertification will not only enhance your skills and knowledge but will also update you about the changing professional needs and role requirements. In a nutshell, it will renew your professional validity.

  • To shield layoffs:

    Studies have revealed that most of the experienced professionals feel that certification and recertification go a long way in protecting them from layoffs. While giving an interview to CredForce, the HR head of a Bengaluru-based financial MNC revealed, “If we're given an option to choose between two professionals with the equal experience and expertise, we will prefer the one having the latest valid certification.” When asked the reason behind it, she revealed, “Over the years, we have noticed that our clients always prefer working with those employees who have the latest know-how. And their recertification is obviously a useful add-on to their professional caliber.”

  • To get an edge during the appraisal process:

    Yes, your recertification effort will be recognized during the appraisal process. Most of the companies consider salary cuts an effective way to retain their bottom line. However, with an updated certifications, employees can better their position during the performance review and are likely to get what their skills are actually worth in the job market.

How Would You Get Over the Initial Jitters of Pursuing Another Course?

Being a busy professional, you are likely to spurn the idea of appearing-better to say reappearing-in a number of tests. It may be quite frustrating for you to recertify your skills as you again need to spend time and efforts for preparation. Adding to this, additional costs for exams and training may give you the jitters. You are not the only one but most of the experienced and certified professionals think in the same way. So did a project manager of a Noida-based BPO before opting for his recertification. According to him, “Earlier, the idea of reappearing in exams put me off. However, it is due to my senior’s influence I opted for recertification, which I later found quite rewarding for my career and personal development.” For fellow professionals, he suggested, “Change your perspective and always consider recertification the only way to keep your certification valuable and relevant in the marketplace. It may cost your time and effort. However, it is worth investing given the benefits associated with recertification.”

A well-aware employee means a well-equipped company. Therefore, companies, of all sizes, strengths and industries, unanimously support the importance of recertification. On the other hand, employees gain a lot from recertification as well. The more advanced and latest their skill sets are, the more valuable they are for their employers. So now, it is up to you to decide whether recertification is a bane or boon for today’s professionals like you.

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