2017's Skill Gap Paradox: The Answer lies in Enterprise Certifications

Feb 01, 2017

It doesn’t matter whether you are a blue chip or a start-up. If you wish to sustain the turbulent waters of today’s crises within a flat world – you better be running ahead.

As an enterprise you need to insure your key assets against the risk of losing them to the competitors. If you are out hunting big game for your talent pool, believe your competitors are doing the same (And maybe they’re ahead of you already).

Career-hopping and ‘gig’ economies are becoming the order of the day for the talent market. At no point of time in the history of the global workforce, did individuals have so many options to exercise their privileges, opportunities, choices, skills, and talent. A world of opportunities is at their disposal, if they have the right skills, and no more are salary or job security the highest priorities. Skilled workers today want to accept new challenges that help them advance their skills for a better future career growth. The new norm is to hire individuals with a single skill specialization and add on to them in the post-hire phase with adequate learning and in-house, workforce certifications.

In these disruptive times, not paying attention to change management and constant development can have devastating effects for the entire organization. What can help you reach equilibrium between keeping the organization future-ready and the skills of the employees result-oriented are workforce certifications. It can give you the anchor to establish yourself efficiently and start building revenue – there are no safe waters anymore, and you must navigate accordingly.

The importance of being earnest – about the top and bottom lines
Employees stay with organizations not just for the name and brand, but what the company has to offer in terms of competency excellence development and capability-validation that comes with workforce certifications, this is largely considered the means to the end of overall professional development, and is a critical employee retention tool for today’s talent managers.

Talented workers consider this the critical element that can be added to their resumes that gives them a competitive edge and sets them apart from their industry peers.

Augmented by a superlative, skill validated talent pool, organizations, consequently, get to up their ante over the competition, with less employee error-rates, improved customer satisfaction, reduced employee turnover, self-sustainability, and of course, higher productivity. As more organizations wake up and smell the workforce certification coffee – they realize superior returns on investments that a standardized workforce capability validation mechanism has to offer.

Survival is not the solution. Greatness is.
Survival is not the harbor here. Metrics that show constant progress are. You don’t have to be in a constant chase after your prey, but have them come to you with a superior brand story and excellent value propositions. When you attract talented workers on your own, even if you’re not Google, it builds an ambience of zeal that permeated among other employees in the company and an aura of excellence around the brand.

The complexity of today’s disruptive markets calls for partnerships that add tangible value to your topline and people metrics. Workforce certifications attract market leaders to your company for the sheer value addition certified employees you provide – an essential reassurance of your quality and performance capabilities. Nothing speaks louder for professional excellence.

The sum is always greater than its parts, and workforce certifications set a benchmark in this arena. Today, worldwide, it’s setting off a domino effect for different companies with every competitive company following suit. Don’t miss the forest for the trees.

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