Specialized Accreditations Are Gaining Force in Higher Ed

Feb 20, 2020
  • CredForce is facilitating individual education units and departments to demonstrate their commitment to international knowledge standards with discipline-focused accreditations.
  • Universities in Asia and Africa are aligning their technology departments to global education norms with CredForce digital audit.

CredForce’s support for specialized accreditations at a global scale is slowly and powerfully upending the popular impression of accreditation. This is evidential by its latest partnership with the World Data Science initiative (WDSI) as a global facilitator for the accreditation programs. Without a doubt, CredForce’s 100% digital process that eliminates the need for campus visits by the audit teams is a big attraction for colleges and universities.

In Asia and Africa, CredForce is already helping hundreds of institutions get global accreditation for their technology departments in data science and artificial intelligence standards. In one shot, the local audience at these institutions is meeting global support with CredForce, which is raising the hireability of their students.

CredForce is reimagining the global accreditation space by expanding the scope of accreditation beyond traditional disciplines. Leveraging its globally distributed teams of experts, it is facilitating institutions of all types and sizes in the APAC and MEA regions to align to international academic norms in the new age fields with global certifying bodies like the Artificial Intelligence Board of America (ARTiBA) and the Data Science Council of America (DASCA). Digital audits are enabling it to realize a mission of such scale.

CredForce was the first to develop a digital backbone for accreditation services delivery, and now extols the world’s largest credentialing ecosystem, spanning across 180+ countries, and the broadest spectrum of leaders in certifications in the new age disciplines. It has a simple no-fuss implementation model for knowledge standards and audit processes. Though simple, the model is powered by a significantly large apparatus of robust technologies, and relationships with international certification bodies to get the best education delivery standards to the local and small universities at a great speed and convenience.

“We are seeing education around the world change and evolve very rapidly,” says Aariya Goel, Head – Global Alliances at CredForce. “Our goal is to empower educational institutions and their students for greater success, and we think discipline-focused accreditation is one of the best ways we can do that right now. We’re happy to be helping so many institutions come out of these tumultuous times with this upgrade,” Goel continued. In a pandemic-ridden world, when universities must fulfill the demand for industry-focused curriculum and overcome the threat of declining student ratio, discipline-focused accreditation can go a long way in upgrading the value of education and learning experience for all stakeholders.

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