Supercharge Your Career in 2017 with these Top 10 Options!

Nov 09, 2016

Assuming you’re right there ready with a chartbusting resume loaded with new learning and credentials, 2017 may just end your wait for that one helluva job you’ve been longing for!

And you should thank competition and the world shrinking into a sour crab apple! New jobs and new professions should unleash even harder in 2017, even as corporations large and famous battle it out to attract, acquire and retain the crème-de-la-crème in every profession and business vertical.

So. Stay right there, holding on tight, ready for the hunt, when the game begins in the next few months. Here’s the CredForce lowdown on the hottest job domains to emerge in 2017:

1. Data Science – The sexiest career of the 21st century just keeps getting sexier! With Data becoming the fountainhead of growth and leadership, the corporations of the world stay ever so hungry for data scientistswho can munch and crunch the tera and zettabytes of data and punch rivals through the insights they build! Money is not really a constraint in these jobs for the data-geeks with the average pay hovering around $125,000.

2. Data AnalysisData Analytics scrambles up right on to the second place on our top 10 best career-lines of 2017! Responsibilities include Data Visualization, creating business specific dashboards and insights reporting. Certified Specialists in this range can expect to earn at least $115,000.

3. Solution Architecture and Software Engineering – The world needs programmers, but it needs architects to design what the programmers will code, even more! This profession ranks a proud third on our 2017 best career options list. The demand is immense, if you can prove your mettle, and the pay ranges between $90,000 and $110,000, to begin with.

4. Change and Transformation Management – Digital Transformation is here and now, and the #4 area on our list for the best jobs in 2017 and beyond. The rise of the sharing economy and, of course, the anticipation of Web 3.0 by large corporations worldwide have pushed up the demand for Change & Transformation management professionals across economies. The only catch here: the role demands long years of experience – around ten in some companies. But it pays awesome too – a neat $120,000 at the minimum, as we hear.

5. Talent Managers – With HR transforming into Talent Management with an unforeseen vengeance, organizations desperately need professionals specialized in the art and science of talent management to build their teams of ace talent-warriors. And yes, they’re willing to pay too. Opportunities abound for professionals who’re passionate and loaded up with the right international certifications to demo their worth. Salaries are happy too, ranging between $78,000 and $90,000.

6. Product Managers – The swarm of new startups in Silicon Valley and across the world require specialist product designers and managers to deliver the next cutting edge best seller. Companies are increasingly looking to shorten the product development life cycle even further, and product managers are a surprising entry into our list of top 10 at #6. Salaries for this special niche range between $66,000 and $83,000 for a certified specialist with experience.

7. Digital Marketers – For those who thought digital marketing jobs would stop coming or come less in 2016, it’s time to eat crow. Digital Marketing in fact has grown faster than most other job-spaces and sits pretty at #7 on our hottest job areas list for 2017. Yes, digital marketing no longer is just about SEO & PPC, with newer and more innovative formats like native advertising and app advertising taking over, and how. This seemingly evergreen domain is hungry for certified specialists in the millions. Mean salaries hover around $37,000, and can even tough a high of $95,000 for the truly deserving.

8. Healthcare Professionals – The first non-tech job category to make it to our list collectively includes physicians, surgeons, paramedical staff and nurses. The potential is immense, and so is the demand for professionals with matching credentials to boot. Healthcare, in all its ‘critical’ glory, makes it to #8 on our list, with a lower than average work-life balance score but otherwise a good salary range of $60,000 - $200,000.

9. Network, Risk and Security – Big Data, Internet of Things and Social Media throw up massive information security challenges and the guardians at the gates are the network security and risk management professionals, the demand for whom seems growing faster than even during the early days of the internet. With median salaries at $82,000 for beginners, suitably qualified and credentialed in these areas, the profession pays up around $150,000 to experienced security and risk management professionals and comes in at #9 on our top jobs for 2017 list. Demand is expected to be in the range of at least 90,000 professionals in the coming year.

10. Actuaries – Though the erstwhile super-job has been edged out and pushed several rungs down on the best jobs category, it still remains among the top 10 options for 2017 - largely because of the current global slowdown. There’s still enough juice left in this job, for the median salaries for a certified beginner haven’t gone down below the $80,000+ mark.

Gear up for the new year guys and make 2017 the most happening year yet of our career. The world is going to change a lot – especially for those of you living in the West or in Europe. Probably, the best way to shock-proof your career is to load yourself up with new learnings, qualifications and certifications. The world will hire even more cautiously now – and the certified always appear the safest to hire. Stay tuned for more, and keep rocking.

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