The Digital Wave – Holding your own against the tsunami in 2017

Nov 24, 2016

The New Year’s just around the corner, and it’s time to make some resolutions….and we all know what becomes of them a while down the line. So let’s make this one a little different, a little more significant; let’s make it count by making some informed decisions and sticking to the tasks. We’re talking at the Digital Marketing professionals who read this blog – and are engaged enough in their progress to marketing leadership roles. Here’s a quick look at the platforms and components of the new-world digital marketing trends and practices that will move away from the sidelines and go mainstream in 2017. Go ahead and make the year count!

To start with, 2016 marked the year when human users surpassed bots and crawlers in internet bandwidth usage. Now that’s something. Here are the others:

So. Stay right there, holding on tight, ready for the hunt, when the game begins in the next few months. Here’s the CredForce lowdown on the hottest job domains to emerge in 2017:

Content Marketing : Content is King, so said every possible industry guru in digital marketing since SEO became intelligent enough to separate the wheat from the chaff. Attention-grabbing, audience engaging content is the key in 2017 as the search algorithms metamorphose into ever so intelligent beings themselves, serving only the best content to your users. Audience engagement is the order of the day and if you are a content marketer or work with one, 2017 will see your competitors add specific performance metrics to content in almost every imaginable format. Take it seriously, repeat, seriously!

Video Development : The virtual world is getting more impatient, and so is your audience. Crush the ordinary with content in motion-visuals. It’s the age of democratization of online media, and you are limited only by your imagination. Focus on learning the art and science of creating, producing and sharing mind-blowing videos that have high viral-potential and better still, get certified, and you will have leading employers chasing you. A quick pointer here about engagement – Video content is shared twice as much as any other content, and almost 80% of digital marketers enjoy a greater ROI from Video Publishing than other channels.

Web 2.0 : Passé. Aim for Web 3.0 – 2017 is going to be the year of intelligent websites, personalized user experience, ‘connective intelligence’ and converged semantic technologies. These may sound geek-speak to the typical digital marketer, but trust us, it will separate the men from the boys in the coming year. The mobile web, of course, is the ever present backdrop in which these innovations will happen, so learn them and stay ahead. Design holds the key here as well and seamless user interactivity is the nuke in your arsenal.

Social Media : While every marketing blog will sing hymns about it’s importance and the need to leverage the platforms to connect with your customers, maintain your reputation or even monitor your competition, 2017 will see a laser sharp focus in this vertical. Omni Channel Analytics, integrated communication and interactivity, thought leadership and most importantly, increased interactive virtual events will rule the roost. Leverage all of the above, and then some more. Yes, we’re talking sponsored influencer advocacy as well. Social Media is where you’ll gain traction, and conversion is bound to follow. Have your dream agencies and firms chasing you to join them with a certification in Social Media Management, followed by expertise in the areas mentioned above.

Lastly, The Great Merge : Yes, it’s finally happening. We all got a miniscule clue when search behemoth Google changed its AdWords font and format to look more like organic search results. 2017 will see the lines between organic and paid marketing blurring further, almost into oblivion, as search engines and social platforms look for ways to maximize their Customers’ ROI. Learn the latest trends, technologies and practices in paid search with a super-honed aptitude in customer profiling and you’ll stand out from the herd in a job selection process. Practice-specific certifications, are of course, the icing on the cake.

2017, not quite unlike 2016, will belong to the trendsetters, and innovative disruption in marketing will be the norm, not the exception. Be a leader, not a laggard. Get certified in the above practices in Digital Marketing and watch the competition being left behind as you zip ahead. Here’s wishing you a great new career or a greatly improved one in 2017!

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