World's First Vendor–Neutral Certifications For Cloud Computing Professionals On Their Way – CredForce Braces Up For Launching The SQBA Offerings

Aug 02, 2016

August 2015 - After finalizing the introduction of certifications for Big Data, CredForce is swiftly paving the last mile for the global commissioning of Cloud computing certifications under the aegis of the Software Qualifications Board of America (SQBA). In fact, there are all signs that, contrary to earlier expectations, these certifications may actually hit the market nearly the same time as those for Big Data.CredForce teams have assisted SQBA with the entire background research and analytics that was needed for toning up the standards and the bodies of knowledge for these certifications. All examination preparation content and knowledgeware for the SQBA cloud certifications have been worked out under the CredForce credentialing products development system. To be initially introduced in some African and Asian countries, by 2016, these two offerings will eventually become available in most of the 7000 locations, where Pearson conducts examinations. It can be recalled that the CredForce’s CredRadar had purple-zoned three areas, and Big Data was one of them, the other two being Talent Management and Cloud Computing. Notably, CredForce's enterprise/ agency Incubation group is already working with the Talent Management Institute TMI to for the talent management certifications and standards into the market by late 2015.

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