Why Vendor-Neutral Certifications are the Future

Oct 05, 2016

Proving your mettle in the corporate world takes more than just brains. Informed employers in this day and age are looking for professionals who make the continuous efforts to improve upon their skillsets and stay at par, if not ahead, with emerging technologies and best practices in their field of work.

The whole idea in enterprises today, is to cause the disruption, not be disrupted.

Professional credentials are a ubiquitous presence in the employment world today, more emphasized than they have ever been. And for good reason, too – employers are increasingly seeking out talent that is upskilled, upgraded and updated.

Our research into various job boards and employment facts in over the period of the last year clearly elucidates the proliferation of certification and accreditation programs into the mainstream employment scenario across the world, and especially in America. While many of the traditional industries out there do value professional certifications and credentials, there are an increasing number of new age professions that are now mainstream and have been hugely impacted in a positive way by skill-certified professionals. So much so, that many multinational employers have now begun making professional certifications a mandatory requirement in these sectors:

BIG DATA – In today’s world, Big Data equals big careers with big paychecks. Everyone wants a piece of this fascinating industry. New technology platforms are emerging all the time in this rapidly evolving domain and constant learning and skill upgrades is the order of the day. Almost every single employer hiring Big Data specialists, from data analysts to data scientists, require a specialized Big Data Certification. With many companies implementing multiple Big Data tools simultaneously, a vendor neutral certification – a certification that validates cross platform expertise is the best bet for aspiring data science professionals.

SOFTWARE – IT, especially software, has one of the most exhaustive lists of certifications among all sectors. Software certifications range from the highly specialized Amazon Cloud Solutions Architect, the world’s highest paying credential to the tried and tested Microsoft Certified Software Engineer. However, all of these professional credentials are also vendor specific and therefore denote capability validation only in one specific technology. Even after decades, the software industry lacks a vendor neutral certification at a professional level, outside of University degrees. The need of the hour is to increase the adoption of vendor-neutral quality credentials as employers increasingly value talent with multiple skills in a range of technologies in order to keep up with new and emerging software platforms.

DIGITAL MARKETING – Digital Marketing is a new-age profession that has had marketers across the world scrambling forward in a hurry to learn and get certified in new age marketing technologies, often at the risk of ignoring what value they are actually earning from them. While PPC and Analytics Certifications from Google have become hugely popular, these are again Google-specific products and to the general marketer aspiring for that CMO role, it doesn’t span the range of skills that fall outside the purview of Google. However, digital marketing professionals are increasingly realizing the value of platform-neutral certifications that prove their capabilities in the entire spectrum of the discipline and this trend is only set to grow at a faster pace in the immediate future.

TALENT MANAGEMENT – Talent Management is the modern industry term given to the erstwhile Human Resources Management function. Human Capital and Talent Management is perhaps the management function in this list that has seen the biggest turnaround due to increased technology adoption. With an ever increasing number of intelligent, integrated and cloud based platforms taking over the mundane tasks, talent managers are moving on to become strategic advisors to senior management on employee matters and are today expected to bring a competitive edge to an organization. Vendor-Neutral Talent Management certifications are crucial in this process, focusing more on new functions and strategies than technologies; that employers expect from their Talent Managers.

Vendor-Neutral Certifications are more important today than ever before, creating an impact on industries and business functions on a far broader scale than platform specific certifications. Professionals who are looking for an edge in the employment marketplace are sitting up and taking notice, partly due to the emphasis employers are placing on them. To be future ready in your career tomorrow, vendor-neutral certifications are the way to go today.

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