CredForce Launches The World's First Ever Bpm Services Platform For The Certification/ Credentialing Vertical

Sep 01, 2014

September 2014 - Leveraging its experiences and successes of providing highly specialized business support services to the leading American BPO standards body BCI, CredForce has developed a new business unit which will offer business support services to certification companies, awards bodies and education institutions. These services will be delivered on a worldwide delivery platform - codenamed - the CredForce - hubbed in India and integrating a variety of online technologies.

Once CredForce is activated, CredForce will handle on behalf of client certification bodies, the entire set of processes starting from logistics of registration for certifications; training-kits; examinations; audits; and closing the end with shipping of credentialing packs/ certifications. The company hopes to make this unit a USD 30.0 million business by end of 2016.

This has made CredForce, perhaps the world's first, and the most powerful effort ever to help certification bodies scale up their operations internationally. A cross-vertical team of analysts first worked for over six months to re-engineer and re-model the certification industry value chain on the drawing board with the objective of making certification solutions and products of client-bodies reach out fast, effectively and affordably across the world. Another team then worked on building the special CredForce delivery platform with robust and streamlined mechanisms and systems to service the needs of this critical industry.

BPO Certification Institute

This is the world's single largest, transnational business-services delivery platform with capacities to manage and handle large volumes of activities across virtually all the stages of the entire value chain of the global certification, credentialing, and higher education industry. In the coming quarter, the company hopes to sign up contracts with other leading certification bodies like the Software Qualifications Board of America (SQBA); the Global Service Quality Institute (GSQI) and the Talent Management Institute (TMI).

Notably, the spread of capability-recognition and certification bodies globally has been considerably hamstrung by weak value- and supply chains restricting their ability for, and increasing the costs of accessing markets; research & development; assessments and content, among other things. With CredForce's CredForce-powered business support services, certification bodies may be looking at faster, surer growths in the next few years.

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