Accelerated Incubation of New Credentialing Systems & Organizations

Several teams across the worldwide network of CredForce are working on the methods that are expected to reduce the go–to–market time for new or restructured credentialing systems. Most of these projects are experimenting how to blend technology with the generic CredForce system blocks on credentialing to cut down the cycle time and reduce the costs of building certification systems for client organizations.

Breakthrough Techniques for Managing Expansion of Credentialing Agencies

Another major subject of immense research interest at CredForce is how to expand the geographic footprint of certification agencies rapidly. Several live studies and real–time experiments are being conducted to understand the role of market and governance factors in the spatial spread of the acceptance of a credentialing standard.

Ideas in Organizational Excellence Management

Studies on current management quality standards and benchmarks are always ongoing. However, studies conducted by CredForce–managed credentialing organizations, such as BCI, TMI, SQBA and GSQI, mainly focus on developing viable and feasible models and methodologies that help in executing global standards of performance and systems excellence, that too, affordably and in rapid time.

We are eagerly looking at conducting studies on how to deploy web–based methods to speed up audits and studies of legacy systems in organizations. Besides, we explore the possibilities of deploying consulting micro–firms and the network model to deliver cost–effective systems improvement/alignment interventions to small and mid–sized business entities.

We also invest resources in researching how bodies of knowledge and standards of excellence and credentialing enable organizations to remain in sync with a rapidly changing environment and how compliance with international standards helps organizations achieve, sustain, grow, prove and obtain credible validation of their capabilities and produce value for their stakeholders.

To know more and contribute to our efforts in this initiative, please write to us at duly mentioning your objective in the subject line.

Ideas in Professional Capabilities Development

An interesting project underway, for instance, is the development of a “Capabilities & Career Builder” application, which is aimed at providing ambitious middle– and top–level professionals with their own, dedicated, web–based “personal certification system”. They are cross–fertilizing knowledge, experiences and ideas of the certification bodies in the CredForce fold in order to explore what new can be done to expand the scope of certification, skills development and capabilities transformation of individuals.

Several other studies are also being conducted to understand various aspects like how individuals can use certifications to sustain, grow, prove and obtain credible validation of their professional capabilities and how certification frameworks can be in sync with the work demands in volatile environments. If you want more information, wish to be involved in research or wish to share a paper or article related to the issue, please email to us at duly mentioning your intent in the subject line.

Modeling Industry Ecosystems for Nations

Some exciting research activities on macro–economic modeling have started since mid–2013. Efforts are underway to map out and model the forces of globalization, technology, and expanded cultural interaction and find out how to use them to build, organize, grow, sustain, prove, and obtain credible validation of their industrial ecosystem in an increasingly globalized, volatile and disruptive environment. Some other projects include the development of a plug–n–play industry information system, which will integrate all the databases of a nation's ministries and departments taking care of affairs related to economics, business, industry, education, skill development and technology and structuring a strategic policy framework for the development of the ICT industry.

CredForce's worldwide network of industry development experts is contributing to a number of studies, for instance, in the areas like refining and beefing up of contemporary techniques and practices of conducting ecosystem and industry–building interventions.

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Workforce Development Frameworks

One of the many ongoing projects at CredForce revolves around the design of a nationwide workforce–breeding ecosystem. Another linked initiative is related to innovating the existing credentialing models of CredForce–managed credentialing leaders and developing an omnibus, cost–effective credentialing system so that nations can swiftly adopt it.

Essentially, our research group is working on themes like how nations build, grow and sustain their workforce and talent pools; how to help them prove and obtain credible validation of their quality and competitiveness affordably and swiftly, and the impact of international–certified workforce on investments, industry growth and all–round competitiveness.

Please do write to us at if you wish to know more or if you or your organization is keen to contribute to our efforts in the workforce development area. Do state your expectations and intent in the subject line of your email.

Managing Education Systems Excellence

Some key ideas, which are currently being explored, include understanding the connection between educational institutions and industry growth, employment–base expansion and employability development. One of the projects, which is expected to complete soon, is focused on devising low–cost, rapid–execution methods that will help secondary schools align their systems and processes with global standards. Another project related to the development of a strategic national policy framework – an EduNet analogue of sorts – is to integrate institutions across a nation and link them all to a central education quality control system with a built-in certification mechanism.

All the core research themes in this segment revolve around how secondary, tertiary and special education institutions can build more effective education products; expand their reach and impact potential; improve their education delivery systems and prove and obtain a credible validation for their excellence. If you are interested in understanding more on this or you are keen on contributing to this initiative, you are welcome to write to us at Do share your expectations and intent in the subject line of your email.

Network Strategies and Collaboration Frameworks

Although CredForce operates several unique partnering models, there is no let–up in our efforts to develop a robust, omnibus collaboration framework. A framework that will link up partners, clients and associates worldwide on the one hand, and on the other, will enable CredForce to effectively leverage events and programs for providing the much–needed offline foundations to such networks.

CredForce is working on developing event–based strategies and alternative models that are expected to be more effective in bringing together nations, organizations, institutions, welfare bodies, experts and professionals across geographies, verticals and cultures board the same platform. We need this platform to facilitate and promote regular and more organized mutual interaction, which will result in enhanced global cooperation on matters related to growth and development of professionalism, competitiveness, education excellence and industry.

Please do write to us at if you want to know more or if you or your organization wishes to contribute to our developmental efforts towards creating the world’s most powerful platform for excellence mongers! Do state your expectations and intent in the subject line of your email.